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Chewy Rice Krispie Buns

Rice Krispie Bun ImageWhen growing up the ever popular rice krispie bun adorned the table at just about every kids birthday celebration and we all loved them. Calling this sweet treat “buns” may sound a little odd as the dictionary version of a bun is… “a bread roll of various shapes and flavouring, typically sweetened and often containing dried fruit”. But in Ireland they were called, “Rice Krispie Buns”… and I’m sticking to that. There is also the two ingredient version (also called rice krispie buns), made with melted chocolate and rice krispies, but we like the chewy crunchy texture when made with mars bars and marshmallows. Continue reading

Seasoning your Sea Salt with Pink Peppercorn and Wasabi


Different types of Sea Salt

Fleur De Sel, Himalayan Rock, Maldon, Black Lava and Murray River Salt

Salt, our bodies can’t do without it, it’s an essential nutrient, a taste enhancer, modifier and a food preservative. Whenever salt touches food it livens and elevates flavours and taste and I can’t imagine cooking without salt. However, in terms of health, salt is salt and I try to pay attention to how much I use with cooking. Maybe you already know, our daily recommended salt requirement should not exceed 6g for adults (children 4g), whether it’s table or gourmet salt. Unlike gourmet salts, regular table salt is highly processed, denser, has anti caking agents (prevents clumping) and sometimes iodine is added. Continue reading

Toaster Bag Cheese, Tomato and Fresh Basil Sandwich

toasted cheese sandwich-1005

It’s hard to beat a simple cheese toasty. Years ago I had an electric sandwich toaster which stopped working and I never replaced it. Afterwards I used the electric grill  to make grilled sandwiches and panini. About a year ago I came across these sturdy non-stick toaster bags from Lakeland which are so handy for making toasted sandwiches. All you do is, prepare your favorite cheese sandwich with some added tasty fillings, put the sandwich into the toaster bag and place into the toaster… a few minutes later your perfectly melted, golden brown cheese toasty is ready to enjoy. Continue reading