A Postcard


Hello from Ireland. Enjoying a road trip to Donegal where Grandma came from and the area we spent many summers running the bogs and unspoilt beaches. Managed to get a few photos before a downpour of rain, and in Ireland it rains plenty. Continue reading “A Postcard”

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Peach Compote or Kompot A Refreshing Fruit Drink

Peach Kompot-7121A recent trip and talking food and drink with some Romanian ladies, inspired  this Eastern European fruit drink known as compote or kompot. Mothers and grandmothers would make this much-loved refreshing fruit drink at home, made with fruit, sugar and water. With lots of fresh peaches in my kitchen, some were grilled and added to a tasty quinoa and chicken salad and the rest used to make this Peach Compote… for drinking. I am sure this fruit drink has less sugar than the overly sweet fruit drinks found at supermarkets. Continue reading “Peach Compote or Kompot A Refreshing Fruit Drink”

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In My Kitchen August 2014


Celebrations are a great excuse to bake something indulgent and luscious. Over the Eid holidays we enjoyed a delicious home-baked cheesecake, which always goes down a treat. It also reminds me that I must post a cheesecake recipe on this blog sometime soon. Once again, continuing the monthly In My Kitchen posts and joining with Celia’s blog Fig Jam and Lime Cordialshowcasing a few more treasures from my kitchen.IMK_August_2014-7127

These cute little pottery bowls and mug are little reminders of a few days spent in Bucharest. I think they are a perfect size for holding seasonings or mustards and also make pretty little props for my food photography.
IMK_August_2014-1059Ditched my old poacher when I came across these handy silicone poach pods, we love poached eggs in our family and they get plenty of use. Apparently you can poach other foods in them but have never gotten around to doing this. Would love to know if you have any other great uses for poach pods, if you use them?
When it comes to blending soups I find myself reaching for my old immersion blender, so easy to use and clean up is a breeze.
IMK_August_2014-7128Picked up this cute wooden board in Bucharest but at the moment it’s looking a bit sad. A nice homemade fromage blanc would liven it up and with the cheese knife I guess this makes it my new mini cheeseboard.