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In My Kitchen September 2014

IMK-September 2014-4It only seems like yesterday that I traveled to the Emerald Isle to visit family and now, find myself unpacking suitcases once again. Of course, no trip would be complete without bringing back some “things”… things that you don’t necessarily need but you have a knack of convincing yourself otherwise. Also, it’s a good time to showcase some of these kitchen treasures from my suitcase with the September In My Kitchen theme, hosted monthly by Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

While in Ireland managed to visit the Taste of Cavan near my home town and visited stalls of some artisan producers. Lots of home-made jams, cakes, refreshing elderberry cordial, Irish honey, Corleggy cheese (did a cheese making day with them a few years back), cooking demonstrations and lots more. These wonderful homemade shrubs and preserve featured above are made at the Wild Irish Millhouse Farm. The wild blackberry shrub, elderberry shrub and dandelion flower preserve are made with foraged berries and flowers and really taste wonderful. You can mix these shrubs with oils for salad dressings, use in cocktails or pour them over a good quality ice cream. The last time I picked anything dandelion was to feed my rabbits, but they suggested I use this dandelion flower preserve with a mild soft goats cheese. Looking forward to using these lovely products and wished I could have brought back so much more.

Tree Report

In Ireland you cant help but admire the beautiful greenery and the huge old trees that surround the countryside. Now, fitting a complete tree in the suitcase was going to be an impossible feat so I settled for a” bit of a tree” instead! The wooden board above with its ragged edge is from the Irish Bunbury Board collection and each board has a story. This is a copy of my boards story emailed to me and a photo of the tree it was handcrafted from. This is one way of getting a tree into your suitcase 🙂


Log Reference: Species: Location:
110001/Ash /Lisnavagh Estate Co Carlow
The following is a summary of where the above tree or log came from, when and why the tree came down, what action has been taken to replace that tree and any other information of interest.
The species of tree is Ash
Tree location: Monavoath/Upper Troy’s hedgeline.
The tree fell on or about: 21 March 2010
The tree had died standing. Work was being done to clean a ditch between two fields when it was noticed. The roots were rotten. In fact as soon as the bank of the ditch was disturbed, the tree fell, almost hitting the digger!
The log was saw-milled on: 29 March 2011
Most of the trees and shrubs along the ditch have been retained and some new trees are to be planted. There is a potential plan to plant a new hedge on this line in the future.

IMK-September 2014-I was only looking for a knife but ended up with all these old bits of cutlery, some given to me by Mum’s friend from a charity shop and others raided from Mum’s old bag of cutlery. Looks like I need to get the polish out, although I don’t want to make them too shiny.

IMK-September 2014-2Picked up a copy of Dianne Jacob’s book Will Write for Food, for me the art of writing does not come easy. Although, I could sit and chat with you all day. All my thoughts seem to go haywire as soon as I put the pen to paper or should I say fingers to the keyboard. Maybe I will gain some new insights after reading this book but I expect it’s for the more serious writer. Do you have this book and did you find it helped you? Picked up some food and lifestyle magazines to enjoy during the quiet times in my kitchen, the Berry and Apple Crumble with Marzipan in the Delicious magazine looks very mouth-watering.

IMK-September 2014-3Mum and I visited an antique shop that was literally selling everything in the house except the kids and I came away with this old cracked potato masher and a few little tins. I have no intentions of every mashing any potatoes with this, but do intend using it as a photography prop.

IMK-September 2014-8361In my kitchen are small muslin bags with drawstrings for infusing herbs and spices into teas, mulled drinks and stocks. Handy that they are reusable. Mum gave me these new Deluxe Moisturizing hand Gloves from Lakeland… a bit late Mum, you should have given them to me 30 years ago. Actually there quite comfy. I was never one for using rubber gloves… do you like using them?

IMK-September 2014-8370Some fridge magnets in my kitchen… just in case I forget. I am never without my sticky notes and love these baking themed ones.

Until next months In My Kitchen hop over to Celias blog and see many other bloggers showcase some of their kitchen treasure, you never know what you might come across, or why not join in. 🙂




19 thoughts on “In My Kitchen September 2014

    1. Selma like I said in my post, was only looking for a knife but ended up with bits and pieces of other cutlery, which I am delighted to have. Big fan of all this wood and this wooden board is a special one. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Sandra the hunt for the knife turned our more fruitful than expected. Yes I love the story behind the wooden board and the fact that the tree which would have rotted anyway was used to create something beautiful and very useful. 🙂


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit home! That board is stunning, I love all the background information that came with it. And I love bone handled crockery, although I don’t take very good care of mine (it goes in the dishwasher). Thanks for sharing both your kitchen AND your holiday with us! 🙂


    1. Celia I love my new handcrafted wooden board it really is quite special and nice to have a photo of the tree it was handcrafted from. Yes it’s hard not to put everything into the dishwasher. 🙂 Celia I really do appreciate you taking the time to comment as I can see there are many monthly IMK blog entires 🙂


  2. Hi Moya, Your board is very, very nice but your cutlery is divine. I can see why you were attracted to that potato masher, it has so much character.


  3. That wooden board is gorgeous. Am wondering what the customs people thought of it!! Love your goodies to use as photo props. I’m not very good at using props but I’m practicing. Love those little drawstring bags, how handy! Must look for the Will Write for Food book! Sounds very interesting. Very enjoyable post, thank you!


    1. None of my bags were looked at, at least physically… so no explaining to do. 🙂 You would be surprised how many props you already have in your kitchen so keep on practicing. 🙂


  4. Looks like you had a beautiful holiday, collecting some lovely treasures along the way. Seeing what your chopping board was before and after is fantastic, I’m sure it will last forever, just like the tree! I’m very interested in the Will write for food book – is it worth buying or just borrowing from the library? That looks like some beautiful cutlery too. I went to an op shop but they wanted some ridiculous price for 6 pieces of cutlery! Thank you for sharing IMK, lovely meeting you


    1. We had a lovely holiday and always special when time is spent with family. My new chopping board is a special treasure and am sure it will last my life time. Maybe go to the library and have a look through “Will Write for Food” first and then decide if it’s a book that you would need. Since I have been back have not gotten around to reading it yet… but hope to start reading tonight. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  5. what wonderful things you have in your kitchen. i really adore that wooden board and the fact that you get the history of it also. and such lovely cutlery. i bought a dessert fork just like that recently. that books sounds interesting.


    1. Thank you Sherry, yes I remember seeing a similar dessert fork on one of your IMK posts and did admire it. The history behind the wooden board is lovely to have. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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