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Chunky Cherry Tomato and Apple Jam

Cherry Tomato and Apple Jam-4927A trip to our local farmers market, a few purchases and a basket of ripe cherry tomatoes had me in the kitchen making up a small batch of homemade Cherry Tomato and Apple Jam. Some years back I participated in fairs and had made this jam using ordinary tomatoes with their skins removed. The tasters at the fair were well received, although there were a few who seemed a little horrified at the thought of such a combination… a tomato and apple chutney didn’t seem as terrifying. It would be quite tedious removing the skins from cherry tomatoes, so I have left them on. I love preserves with chunky bits and not a thick overly sweet purée.

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An Afternoon with Marimar Torres at La Vinoteca Barcelona

Marimar Torres_Marimar Estate WinesRecently I had the privilege of meeting the lovely Marimar Torres over lunch, hosted by La Vinoteca Barcelona. On meeting Marimar you immediately sensed her warm and welcoming nature, quickly putting you at ease. It’s not every day you meet the real personality behind the wines, as Marimar Torres is founder and proprietor of Marimar Estate Vineyards and Winery in California. With wine there’s  history and throughout the course of the afternoon we got to know a little more about Marimar Torres, whose family have produced Spanish wines as far back as the 17th century.

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In My Kitchen April 2015

In My Kitchen Bee Wraps Chocolate MushroomsIn my kitchen this April are gorgeous eco friendly “bee” food wraps, this was a home craft tutorial I had seen on a blog some time ago and thought it was a cool idea. Couldn’t resist when I saw these bee wraps in a shop while visiting New Zealand. They come in various sizes, are reusable and you can wash them in cool water. Ideal for covering jars and bowls of food, wrapping cheese or other foods (not raw meats), sandwiches for kids lunch boxes or giving as gifts. You can see I used a bee food warp to cover this jar of very moorish truffle filled chocolate mushrooms… I have indulged in far too many. Continue reading

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