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How to fold a Paper Napkin into a Flower Bud

Napkin Fold Rose Bud-8230I’ve let the style ideas section of this blog idle, so this week decided to share something a little creative that’s not going to add calories to anyone… including myself. Now I certainly don’t consider myself an origami master but have a few simple napkin folding sketches tucked into an old folder from the good old photocopying days. Nowadays we have so much choice when buying paper or cloth napkins and many with beautiful patterns, textures and plenty of gorgeous colors. Continue reading “How to fold a Paper Napkin into a Flower Bud”

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Home Clotted Cream with Fresh Poached Figs

clotted cream, honey,figs and dried hibiscuisLiving thousands of miles away and a yearning for fresh clotted cream easily justifies the reasons for wanting to making it myself. And if you’re  familiar with traditional English cream teas (in England), you know what I am talking about. This cooked cream is a luxurious and decadent buttery treat that’s heavenly when spread over freshly baked scones topped with sweet preserves. Continue reading “Home Clotted Cream with Fresh Poached Figs”


Thai Salad with Duck and Caramelized Fresh Pineapple

Thai Salad with Duck and Pineapple-7955I think I could almost live on salads, especially Thai salads. This spicy Salad with Duck and Caramelized Pineapple is fresh, vibrant and with so many flavors on one plate there is no reason your taste buds could every be bored. Continue reading “Thai Salad with Duck and Caramelized Fresh Pineapple”