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In My Kitchen November 2015

Sugar Crusted Cherry and Pine Nut Loaf CakeIn my kitchen… at the moment I am in Mum’s kitchen and with the time difference between Ireland and Bahrain, up bright and early on a very foggy morning. So… in and out of kitchens in this November’s IMK post. Before traveling to the emerald Isle, baked this sugar crusted cherry and pine nut loaf cake. We love these any time of day cakes to enjoy with our favorite cuppa.
imk-8596 Had a lovely box of chocolates courtesy of LVS by Leaves in my kitchen after attending their opening night. Who knew pebbles and mushroom could taste so delicious and chocolatey. Glad we have another chocoholic in the house, but I still get the blame for eating the most.
Persian Spice MixThe aroma meeting your nose when freshly grinding whole spices is quite powerful, but also a reminder of how stale some of the already ground spices are in my kitchen. I only ever grind small amounts of whole spices, keeping them as fresh and aromatic as possible. This Persian spice mix is mostly used for rice dishes and in due course will share a recipe using this blend. Love that it uses rose petals too.

Bowl_Plate_TeapotIn Mum’s kitchen is this gorgeous blue mixing bowl/jug, kind of old-fashioned looking. Also, love this flower patterned antique plate hanging on her wall. And the cute tea-pot that sits on her window sill and proof that Ireland has some beautiful sunny mornings too.

PumpkinMy sister had me carving some pumpkins in her kitchen for Halloween, not a bad attempt but can’t say a very scary looking one!

Joining other bloggers from around the globe with the In My Kitchen monthly theme hosted by Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. What treasures and goodies do you have in your kitchen?


29 thoughts on “In My Kitchen November 2015

    1. Got to love a good mug of tea. Liz you will love Ireland, but do bring an umbrella 🙂 Have you decided which part of the island you will visit?


    1. Always special to spend time with family Fiona 🙂 There were no large pumpkins around to carve when my kids were small and if you did see any, they were at a price. Plenty of butternut squash though 🙂


  1. How lovely for you to visit your Mum. I am sure the change in temperature is quite welcome for you too. I love the look of that loaf.


    1. After our extremely hot summer it is a welcome change 🙂 November weather in Bahrain is usually really nice and the time of year everyone starts spending more time outside.


  2. I love all those Irish things Moya, but the stone bench outside really grabbed my attention. What an incredible piece of rock ledge- I can envisage it covered with food.


    1. Hi Francesca, the rock bench is so lovely and rustic, my brother in law put it together. He used a large stone from an old wall from the back of the house. Shame it can’t fit in my suitcase 🙂

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  3. Hello Moya… how wonderful that you are spending time with your mum… sigh, I wish I could do the same but sadly my mum is no longer with us. A beautiful IMK round up… I love those little chocolates shaped like mushrooms xx


    1. Yes it is Lizzy and I am sure you dearly miss (sending a virtual hug) your Mum. The chocolate mushrooms were delicious and so were the pebbles. 🙂


  4. Moya, I just love your Mum’s teapot – beautiful. And as for that spice selection, I can almost smell their aromatics from here. Happy November


    1. I guess it wasn’t such a bad attempt, although I did intend to make the pumpkin face scary. The chocolates were delicious, trouble is I ate too many 🙂


    1. Thank you Vicki, its always lovely to visit family and catch up. We love tea cakes in our house and of course love baking them too.


  5. Enjoy your time in Ireland, I imagine it should be a beautiful time now. The tea cake looks incredibly delicious, perfect with a cup of tea.


  6. Moya, your cherry & pine nut loaf cake looks delicious. I’d rather have something “substantial” like that with tea or coffee than a cookie (biscuit?) 🙂 Loved your freshly ground spices, and such pretty things in your Mum’s kitchen, too!


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