Monthly Archives: August 2016

Slice and Bake Fennel and Lemon Shortbread Biscuits

Fennel and Lemon Shortbread-3800Short, buttery and perfect with a cuppa, these fennel and lemon shortbread biscuits are not difficult to make. Once the dough is shaped and chilled, all you need do is slice and bake. The sweet mellow liquorice flavour of fennel seeds compliments the zesty flavor of lemon. Continue reading

The Hive and World HoneyBee Day

The Hive at Kew Gardens-8209From a distance “The Hive” installation at Kew Gardens represents a swarm of bees. Step inside and the multi-sensory elements of the structure responds in real-time to vibrations and sounds from within a beehive. LED lights in “The Hive” light up and flicker as bees communicate with one another. Continue reading

Homemade Apple Jelly with Rosemary

Apple Jelly with RosemaryStepping back in time at Kew Gardens the royal kitchens now silent and deserted, I tried to imagine the everyday hustle and bustle of busy cooks and servants. For sure larders were once filled with seasonal preserves and feeling a little nostalgic, somehow, apple jelly came to mind. Inspiration can come from the strangest of places! I love taking time to make small batches of preserves and this sweet Apple Jelly with Rosemary makes a delicious condiment to serve alongside a cheese board with a mature cheddar or semi-hard goats cheese. Continue reading

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