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In My February Kitchen 2019

imk February 2019-6598

In my February Kitchen…

I had planned to grow a few vegetables but with travel and kitchen renovations didn’t seem to find time and missed the planting season. Luckily some lovely friends had bountiful vegetable gardens this year and shared some wonderfully fresh garden produce… I’m forever grateful dear friends.

All these fresh vegetable were thoroughly enjoyed in salads and some beetroot was set aside to make a very lovely beetroot cake… but more on that later.

From Sarah’s garden, gorgeous beetroot and green beans. 

imk February 2019-6643

Also from Sarah’s garden, these lovely sweet garden peas which brought back memories of me, my brothers and sister raiding Dad’s vegetable patch, especially when peas were in season. Poor Dad, he never really managed to get many peas as far as the kitchen table.

imk February 2019-928

From Sherry’s garden, crisp fresh sweet corn on the cob and cabbage.

A beautiful sugar pumpkin from our local farmers market.

Some lovely birthday gifts to enjoy, extra virgin olive oil, date flavored balsamic vinegar and date jam.    

imk February 2019-6723

Turned the sugar pumpkin into a moist pumpkin and walnut bread. Used this cute bee..utuful butter knife (also a birthday gift) to spread the slices with locally made goats labneh, delicious.

imk February 2019-6775

Hubby loves to cook fish on the weekends, so I managed a quick snap before he covered the king fish (known locally as Channad) with some local fish spices, then fries it…  simple but really very tasty.

The “In My Kitchen” monthly theme host is Sherry, from If you would like to know what’s cooking or see some kitchen treasures, head over to Sherry’s blog and check out all the other IMK participants.

10 thoughts on “In My February Kitchen 2019

  1. Beautiful, tempting food photos here! So nice to isolate the pea pod, show the glistening fish surface, and the lovely walnuts in the pumpkin bread.

    best… mae at


  2. Hi moya
    Thanks for joining in this month. How wonderful to have all that fresh produce. Fresh really is best. The kingfish looks very tasty too. Have a good month. Cheers


    1. You’re welcome Sherry, yes fresh is best when it comes to food… having produce that hasn’t travelled thousands of miles for weeks and days makes all the difference 🙂


  3. I’m just catching up on the last the IMK posts. Oh my! The colour of those beetroot against the green beans. Lovely. Your post reminds me that I should make a simple batch of labneh for a change with salads.


    1. Hi Fiona, some catching up to do as well 🙂 The beetroot and green beans were truly delicious, a real treat to have food so fresh 🙂


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