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In My Kitchen April 2023

Days are flying by and already entering the second quarter of this year. Our short winter has passed and at present enjoying our beautiful weather, much cooler than past years…long may it last! Thought I would say hello with a few items that have passed through my kitchen.

In My Kitchen…

Hubby wanted to try his hand at growing some home produce (he did a great job) and although gnarly looking, the carrots tasted wonderful. Very satisfying pulling carrots from the soil and bringing them straight into your own kitchen knowing you can’t get any fresher than that. We know deeper pots are needed (next season) but we did however get a few straight looking carrots. 

The tear drop tomatoes were lovely and sweet and at one point we had an excess so pureed them in a blender to make a quick tomato sauce to freeze for later use. Rocket, lettuce and coriander were also enjoyed too. We didn’t have much success with the cucumbers or strawberries but managed to enjoy at least ten strawberries…lol.

Made some lovely za’atar parathas with grated fresh tomato sauce for my ingredient pick over on Instagram…this was my first time making this type of flatbread and they were quite delicious. The recipe was from the Ottolenghi Test Kitchen Cookbook “Shelf Love”, I do love the Ottolenghi way of cooking and have most of their cookbooks. 

So far haven’t baked many sweet goods this year and was missing something sweet with our coffee, so made these apple blueberry muffins. We like muffins as they are not overly sweet and of course lots of variations to enjoy. Most muffins recipes freeze well too.  Also thought I’d use some of the many Ikea muffin cases I bought some time ago…to go with an Ikea muffin baking tin which I also baked these lemon, yogurt, cranberry and poppy seed muffins in. 

And in my kitchen, one of the many rustic sourdough loaves I’ve baked over the years, which I never tire of doing. Never tried the fancy scoring though, will leave that to the professionals.

Although the colorful blooms have faded and withered, I still have photos of the beautiful mothers day flowers that adorned my kitchen…thanks to my wonderful kids. 

This was the first time I grew borage, the violet flowers were so pretty and as they are edible, used them as a garnish on a salad recipe. The leaves are edible too but didn’t get around to trying a recipe with them. The plants grew much taller than the thirty centimeters mentioned on the packet and completely overshadowed the rocket leaves I was trying to grow. Anyway’s, know better for next growing season. 

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9 thoughts on “In My Kitchen April 2023

  1. Ottolenghi is one of my favorites too. I’ve used quite a few of his recipes both from cookbooks and from his columns in the Guardian. Very complicated, but the results are great. The recipe you made sounds delicious.

    best… mae at


  2. Love your carrots! I grew lots of carrots in my garden in 2021 and I remember the fun of pulling them out for dinner. They were also multi coloured so I never knew which colour I was going to get. There’s something so special about things you grow yourself, isn’t there?


    1. Absloutely…very special indeed. Have not tried the multi-coloured carrots. Hopefully next our carrots wont look so mishapen. Thank you for stopping by Nancy 🙂


  3. Anything out of your own garden tastes better in my opinion. We grow our daily salad leaves and I should try some borage. I am not planting anything until we get back from Italy as the doglet decided to dig up Dave’s lettuce!


    1. Enjoy Italy Tandy it is a beautiful place to be. Our cat decided to use our lettuce plants as a bed, we had to move them in the end. I will grow borage again, the violet flowers are so pretty. Your dog obviously likes gardening too 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Produce from your own garden, freshly collected, always tastes the very best. Borage goes crazy reseeding itself, I am sure you will have lots of new seedlings next season. It brings lots of bees and pollinators to the garden. Your flowers are beautiful, you have thoughtful children.


  5. trying again to comment. the borage flowers are lovely. Clever you baking sourdough. I am just not a bread baker sadly. And such lovely flowers you got for Mother’s Day. Thanks for joining in this month.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Sherry I do love sourdough baking. Yes, sometimes different blogging platforms dont always comply with each other and commenting can pose a challange. Always love the IMK posts 🙂


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