Seeing our son graduate from university was a special moment for us and as we were in Leeds for a couple of days we visited the nearby towns of Harrogate and York. Caught up with some old friends from the past, thankfully we all still recognized one another. Visited the Fudge Kitchen in York and saw how fudge is tempered and of course had to try some! Now on the last leg of our trip and enjoying the French countryside in the L’Aveyron region, visiting friends. Will be back posting recipes soon.

Moya 🙂




Greetings from Ireland

More glorious weather and we’re still talking about it. It has been a very long time since I walked bare foot on the sand and felt such heat on a beach in Ireland. Everyone is enjoying the weather and being able to eat outdoors amongst the colourful summer blooms has been such a treat and when shared with family makes it all more memorable. Fresh food from the markets, fresh country air, sunshine and family… what more could one ask for!
Moya 🙂





A Postcard from Ireland

Thought I would send you all a postcard from across the waters. The weather is so beautiful, and it is the topic of conversation in Ireland at the moment. Visited Tickety-Moo, a farm that makes their own ice cream with milk collected from Jersey cows. The baby calves were so gorgeous and loved all the attention my nieces were giving them. The black pigs were very busy running all over the place… thankfully from behind a fence. Naturally, we all had some ice cream before heading back to Grandmas house.

Moya x 🙂