Mixed Milk Goat Yoghurt

Yoghurt Goat-5228

Although I first posted a recipe for making homemade yoghurt some years back I don’t always follow that same recipe. But I still do use an electrical yoghurt incubator. In this recipe, mixed goat milk along with cow’s milk…you find mixed milk cheeses on the market so why not try making mixed milk yogurt at home. Continue reading

Cherry Coconut Chocolate Slices | Old-Time Favourites

Hello there… well I had the best intentions of posting a few blog posts while out of Bahrain, but only managed the previous post. It’s always special spending time with family and for most of my time away, the weather was really lovely too… some rain but not so much. I haven’t been totally inactive on social media, my Instagram feed is active so you might have seen some posts and stories there if you follow me. Continue reading

In My Kitchen May 2017

Oh my… still not caught up, plenty has passed through my kitchen this past month but not managed to document much. I’ve had delicious sourdough bread baked on a preheated pizza stone, sometimes use a Dutch oven to bake my sourdough bread in.. but it’s so heavy. Plan on getting an enamel baking dish as its much lighter and I’ve seen you IMK ladies have great success with it. Continue reading

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