Beetroot-Cured Salmon Canapés

beetroot-cured-salmon-canapes-9077I mentioned in an earlier post that I wanted to try the beetroot-cured salmon recipe from a new cookbook. The contrast of color is visually impressive and love the subtle sweet earthy flavor from the beetroot. The recipe itself is easy but you need to prepare the salmon at least two to three days before consuming. When buying salmon use the freshest of fish, sushi grade if possible and plan to start the curing process the same day. Continue reading

Cooking with a Swan Air Fryer

swan-airfryer_-cake_roasted-grapesThose that know me well, know how much I love kitchen paraphernalia and get pretty excited when I get something new. Up until recently, an air fryer was not a kitchen appliance that grabbed my attention… after all, it was only for frying. Continue reading

Homemade Brown Bread with Oatmeal and Sunflower Seeds

brown-bread-with-oatmeal_sunflower-seeds-4458-2Freshly baked brown bread… the aroma wafting through the kitchen… there’s simply no greater pleasure. Growing up in Ireland I know how much we love our traditional brown and white soda bread, and the variations are as long as your arm. You might think it looks complicated to make but I assure you, it’s not. With this recipe, no messing with yeast, no kneading or proving necessary, unlike my Irish soda bread with cranberries and candied orange peel which requires a gentle knead to shape. Continue reading

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