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In My Kitchen February 2016

Yemen Honeycomb in a Tin-2069In my kitchen…

A gorgeous tin of unprocessed honey from Yemen. Picked this sweet stuff up on a visit to the annual fair, checked out a few stalls selling honey, each promising a wealth of health benefits that would make your head spin. I don’t mind a bit of wax in my honey as long as the bees have made it.
Bee Honey Jar and Bee Mug-2075In my kitchen…

Love this cute honey pot and mug I received as a gift… hopefully I will fill the honey container with my honey from our beehive later in the year.

Lemon Tree with Lemon-2050In my kitchen…

Well actually it’s a window in my kitchen that looks out at our lemon tree and at the moment, full of buds that hopefully will mature into lemons during the coming months. I left three lemons from last year on the tree and have realized that it takes ages for them to turn yellow… almost nine months. Apparently you need patience while lemons turn from green to yellow.

Sourdough Starter in a Jar-2085In my kitchen… 

Proof that “Sabr” my sourdough starter is still alive and kicking one year later. Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial was responsible for my sourdough protect and happy she had sent me some of her dried starter “Priscilla” to play with. I did make a sourdough starter from scratch and it turned out very successful. In the end I was not baking enough sourdough bread to keep two starters going and felt it was a waste of flour, so let that one go.
When not needed, I store the sourdough starter in the fridge and keep the consistency like a stiff dough, this way I don’t have to feed the starter so often. This method works for me, but sometimes she gets a little grumpy and needs a second feed before she springs back to life.

Small Knife Fork and Plate-2101In my kitchen…

A cute little seahorse fork and turtle knife.

Fruit Cake_Hasselback cutting board_measuring spoons-32In my kitchen…

When you need a smidgen, dash or pinch… aren’t these measuring spoons gorgeous, just love them.

There are always cups of coffee and sometimes, a little cake on the side in my kitchen. Still enjoying our Guinness fruit cake baked for Christmas.

Although you don’t need one, used this swedish cutting board when making hasselback courgettes with dried tomatoes and cheese.

Joining other bloggers from around the globe with the In My Kitchen monthly theme hosted by Maureen from OrgasmicChef. What treasures and goodies do you have in your kitchen?


19 thoughts on “In My Kitchen February 2016

    1. Thank you Glenda, some of my lovely kitchen things are thoughtful gifts from friends, I love the knife and fork too 🙂


    1. Hi Sandra, depending how many times I use my starter, have left it for a month (in the fridge) without feeding extra flour on a few occasions with no problem bring it back to life 🙂


  1. That honey pot and mug are adorable but I’m swooning for the honey 🙂 I need the pinch, smidgen and dash spoons too. Great things in your kitchen!


  2. Love the honey pot and mug, I’m sure it will be even better when filled with your own honey. The knife and fork set are also adorable.


  3. I love your dash, smidgeon and pinch spoons Moya, wherever did you get them? I would love to find some as they’re just adorable 🙂 Good to know about lemon trees for future reference – maybe I’ll plant two at different times! Great #IMK xx


    1. I was given these cute measuring spoon by a friend and she had bought them in America. You could try an online search and see what comes up. The lemon tree will flower at the same time each year, even if you plant them at different times. 🙂

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