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In My Kitchen November 2016

dred-tomatoes_olive-oil-7In my kitchen this November are home dried tomatoes. Once my stock starts to dwindle I tend to dry more so I am never without. The tomatoes do take time to dry and these tasty morsels are now ready for soaking in some olive oil.

wooden-boards-9673Every now and then I hydrate my wooden boards using food grade oil to protect their surfaces. Using one of my larger pastry brushes to brush over the oil makes the job easier. Sometimes I use the mineral oil from Ikea but have also used castor oil from the pharmacy for the same purpose.

chicken-portions_poultry-shears-20When you need to joint a chicken these poultry shears are perfect for the job and cut thorough bone easily. My only gripe, my hands are a tad small for these manly shears.

green-tea_honey_mint-9218Green tea with fresh mint, raw honey from my bees, a vintage loose tea infuser, antique scissors and beautiful Irish pottery from Roundstone Connemara… the nicest way to prepare tea for one.

lemons-9680This year thrilled to have many large organic lemons from my citrus tree, I am sure my bees had a hand in this. You might be wondering why green… they do turn yellow but it seems to take forever. A few yellow ones split and others beginning to turn yellow had some type of fruit fly burrowing into them and laying maggots. So rather than spray with insecticide, took them from the tree. They taste wonderful, are juicy and have a light orange aroma when you cut into them. Maybe some mojitos to celebrate 🙂

coffee_cake_coffee-pot-9539In my kitchen there are times when coffee breaks end up being more calorific, this time the culprit was a pear and elderflower drizzle cake.

Cook book and CoffeeAnother coffee break (with no cake) while browsing through the perfect party bites cookbook by Milli Taylor. Deciding on what recipe to choose for our cookbook book club later this month. The festive season is fast approaching and canapés and finger foods are perfect for entertaining and this cook book has many lovely recipes that are sure to please.

preserves_aubergines-in-an-air-fryerLast week crossed the causeway over to Saudi Arabia and made a quick visit to Ikea. This time tried their preserves. The orange and elderflower marmalade is particularly good and has a nice flavor. Haven’t tried the lingonberry jam yet, thinking maybe with freshly baked scones. Picked up some elderflower concentrate as well… you can never leave Ikea empty-handed.

My latest kitchen appliance in my kitchen is the nifty Swan Air Fryer which I reviewed. I’ve been delighted with the results and Sandra and Josephine had wondered how the air fryer would handle aubergines. So I cut the aubergine into cubes (more practical than slices), tossed in a little olive oil, seasoned with salt and placed them in the air fryer.  After about thirteen to fifteen minutes the cubes of aubergine were perfectly cooked, nicely browned and not greasy. You also need to shake the basket to even out the browning half way through cooking. Healthier than shallow frying in a pan.

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29 thoughts on “In My Kitchen November 2016

  1. The aubergine cooked in the airfryer looks wonderful, I think it was the ultimate test food. I love the sound of your bookclub, do you just read cookbooks? As always your photos are an absolute pleasure to look at


    1. Hi Sandra, lovely to know you enjoy my photos too 🙂 We each make a dish from the chosen cookbook and then bring it along to the bookstore where it is held. It’s a wonderful way of exploring new recipes and cookbooks, plus meeting other foodies.


  2. Hi Moya, I love the antique scissors. After reading your post on the air fryer I got all excited and did a bit of reading. Most reviews say they are no more than an electric roaster so I lost interest.


    1. Hi Glenda, I guess it really depends on what you would use the air fryer for. Some of my friends already have one and are delighted with it. Even my daughter has started to cook some chicken and sweet potato in it as she loves not having to preheat the oven and wash big pans for small jobs. Still waiting for her to use the spiralizer though 🙂


  3. Those tomatoes look sumptuous, Moya. Happy November to you. Thank you for the very kind shout out and peek into your kitchen. xx


    1. Thank you Mae, I really do love all things kitchen. Hope you are receiving my comments on your blog? Have a great November 🙂


  4. What a tasty collection of foods and tools! We love lingonberry jam (Felix brand) on scones, biscuits and even ice cream, though a Swedish friend insists it should only be used as an accompaniment to meat.


  5. Moya, I love how much care you put into preparing “tea for one.” Makes it that much more special, and you deserve it! I also loved your Bialetti coffee pot, never mind the cake calories. 🙂 The Perfect Party Bites cookbook sounds intriguing… canapes, small bites, or tapas (or “finger food” of any kind) are such a great way to get a “taste” without consuming a whole meal. Such a lovely kitchen, xo.


    1. Thank you Kim, I do love my cup of tea and of course the cup of coffee later in the day. Agree, finger food is a great way to taste different foods and flavor combinations without eating a whole meal 🙂

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  6. what a fab idea to dry your own tomatoes so satisfying isn’t it? love the shears i often find tools are obviously made for men’s hands and i struggle with them. yum to the eggplant and hooray for all the lovely lemons wonderful!


    1. Yes sherry, drying tomatoes at home is very satisfying and they taste very different than the shop bought ones. Definitely happy with my lemon tree this year 🙂


    1. Thank you Celia, oiling wooden boards really does breath new life into them. The times I’ve used castor oil found no problem with a taste coming from the boards 🙂


    1. Oops… apologies, just came across this comment now. Who doesn’t love finger and party food, great little cookbook for some ideas and inspiration. The lemons were lovely despite the green appearance 🙂

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