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In My Kitchen June 2014

In My Kitchen June 2014-Chocolate Bark

The most gorgeous assortment of swiss chocolate bark from Läderach was in my kitchen, but now it’s most likely sitting on my hips. For a time I was in chocolate bliss and loved the milk chocolate florentine and the white chocolate with pistachio, caramelized almonds and candied fruit… in fact they were all divine. Thanks hubby, delicious choice.

Once again joining Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial who runs a monthly theme “In My Kitchen, where bloggers showcase some of their kitchen favorites.

IMK_June-5387In my kitchen we use lots and lots of freshly ground black pepper and would not be without my pepper mills. Love this cute metal spice mill which I picked up from a spice bazaar in Istanbul. Have you ever tried a black pepper mill in a kitchen shop and bought it because you were so impressed how easily it ground peppercorns? Got home, filled your new pepper mill and then found, it just didn’t grind the black peppercorns (even when adjusted) like the one in the shop. Check out the size of your peppercorns, you many need to look for smaller black peppercorns, this usually solves the problem.

IMK_June-5362Brought some color into my kitchen with this purple tea caddy, filled with a blend of White Ayurvedic and Samurai Tea from Teavana, a specialist tea shop in Bahrain City Center. It’s such a feel good tea, with ingredients of cinnamon, clove, lemongrass, coconut and papaya , to name a few. And having grown up in Ireland… we love a nice cup of tea.

IMK_June-5365Used for brewing special teas, love my hand-made Japanese cast-iron tea-pot (also from Teavana), embossed with cherry blossoms. Possibly drawn to this particular flower as our family home in Ireland had a cherry blossom tree. In full bloom it was quite spectacular to see. The cherry blossom symbolizes beauty and eternal love and of course spring time.

mango-bee pollen-cardamom podsMango season means lots of mangos in our kitchen and with our hot temperatures, Mango Lassi is a very refreshing summer drink. Bee pollen is a new ingredient that I started using and add some to smoothies we make. If you have any culinary uses for bee pollen, do let me know? Cardamom is one of my favorite spices and always found in my kitchen.
IMK_June-5395Sitting on top of the kitchen dresser and keeping an eye on all kitchen activities is this chicken, unfortunately no organic eggs from this one. Kind of ugly in a cute sort of way.

IMK_June-5409Last week I got to make some fresh pasta at an Italian cooking class and as a result have taken out my neglected pasta attachments. Intend putting them to good use, probably will have a pasta making day and make some extra for the freezer.

Do you have any special treasures in your kitchen?

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