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Oven Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil

Oven Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil

It’s easy to dry tomatoes at home. All you need are firm flavorsome tomatoes and an oven. I started drying tomatoes about seventeen years ago and have never looked back since. I rarely buy them and much prefer home dried tomatoes over some of the leathery, salty and acidic commercially dried ones. About two years ago I bought a dehydrator and many times I find myself using both. Please don’t be put off with the lengthily drying time, drying your own tomatoes is so worth the effort and you wont be disappointed with the delicious deep intense results. There are endless ways of using these moorish bites with recipes and worth drying at least 2 to 3 kilo- (more if you have an extra oven) at a time. Dried tomatoes are a wonderful store cupboard staple and Farmers Markets are great places to pick up some delicious fresh tomatoes. Oven dried tomatoes in olive oil makes a wonderful gift for foodies. Continue reading “Oven Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil”