Homemade Almond Milk

home made almond milk-9405These days I am making more homemade almond milk than ever, hubby and daughter are training hard for our first Bahrain Challenge, a triathlon coming up on the 6th of December. Although we have no lactose intolerant or vegans in the house and we are not pushing out dairy products, almond milk is another option to replace dairy milk when needed. A basic homemade almond milk has two ingredients, water and raw almonds, you can add sweeteners and flavorings but I tend to leave those out as we are not always using the almond milk for the same purpose. I do like to add a pinch of sea salt to enhance the flavor when making. Not a fan of almond milk in my tea or coffee but use almond milk (or coconut milk) with some recipes when baking and cooking, and of course in smoothies and porridge. Continue reading “Homemade Almond Milk”