A Postcard


Hello from Ireland. Enjoying a road trip to Donegal where Grandma came from and the area we spent many summers running the bogs and unspoilt beaches. Managed to get a few photos before a downpour of rain, and in Ireland it rains plenty.

imageA beautiful wedding weekend in London with family friends. Everyone looked so lovely, some of the men wearing kilts , others in tails. Stunning bride and beautiful bridesmaids… also not forgetting the handsome groom.

imageNot sure I would make a great farmer seeing as it took me almost fifteen minuets to pull off my sisters wellingtons. Never try to squeeze into wellingtons that are a size too small. 🙂  Looking after hens for my sister, I know I was getting strange looks from the hen above and she was a little uncooperative!

imageManaged to attend the “Taste of Cavan”, not far from my hometown. Great to see Rachel Allen give a cookery demonstration at the event. The old butter churn above brought back memories of when my grandmother used to make her own fresh butter.

A little up-date and will be back posting recipes soon.  Moya x

6 thoughts on “A Postcard

  1. Those organic eggs would make the most delicious omelette ! Love your food ventures, detailed photography and look forward to all the new recipes. Enjoy your food tasting and Guinness for us home readers! Cheers!


    1. Thank you Carolina, those organic eggs are indeed delicious. My sister has very happy hens and are looked after very well. 😊


    1. Thank you Anita, Donegal is a beautiful part of Ireland and the fresh air and scenery is food for the soul. 😊


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