In My Kitchen January 2015

In MY Kitchen 2015-Red PitcherOff to a colorful start and “In My Kitchen” this January is a gorgeous pitcher from the Alpine region of France, given to me by my dear friend Sarah … no doubt this will be filled with lots of cheer throughout the year.

Tiffin TinYears ago I remember seeing some beautiful antique tiffin tins in a magazine and since then had been looking out for something similar.  Thought I might spot one when I travelled to India, but ended up finding this lovely hand panted tiffin tin in York, England.
Cookbook on a stand

Recently acquired my first Yotam Ottolenghi cook book Plenty More and look forward to trying many recipes from his book, which are all vegetarian. Flicking through the cook book certainly whets the appetite and could almost make you think about turning vegetarian. Plenty More is also the cookbook chosen for our next cookbook club gathering later on this month, so certainly looking forward to that. And not forgetting to mention my handy wooden cookbook stand that keeps pages from flipping over, and from getting the cookbook covered with splashes and spills…  in my kitchen I can get a bit messy sometimes.

Granite Pestle and MortarA large heavy granite pestle and mortar (Jamie Oliver’s) sits in my kitchen, one of the many kitchen things my poor mother dragged out in her suitcase over the years. Love using it for crushing and grinding whole spices, rock salts, making pesto, curry pastes and cracking nuts. One of my essential pieces of kitchen equipment and looks great on a kitchen countertop.
Arabic Coffee Pot

My lovely arabic coffee pot needs a bit of polish but still has lots of charm as it is. Given as a birthday gift many moons ago and a lovely reminder of Sue, a lovely friend who lived in Bahrain some years back.
Once again joining up with the lovely host Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and other bloggers from around the globe for the monthly “In My Kitchen” posts, showcasing all our kitchen treasures.


  1. Glenda says:

    Moya, You have such great stuff. I love your jug and your tiffin tins. They are just to die for. I have a coffee pot exactly like yours. I was wondering if you could do me a favour. Could you please email a photo of your cookbook holder without the book? I want to get Maus to make me one. I have already told her I want one just like it for my birthday in two weeks. She wants to see the whole thing before she commits. BTW Happy New Year.

  2. lizzygoodthings says:

    Hi there Moya and happy new year to you! I have fallen in love with your water pitcher and those tiffins… you must tell me where you found those (pretty please), as I will be in York some time this year! The Arabic coffee pot is so beautiful too! When I had the cooking school and cookware store, we had one for sale very similar… or it might have been a pepper grinder that looked very similar… and then one day someone stole it from the shop! Anyhoo, happy cooking lovely lady and thank you for the peek into your January kitchen.

    • Moya says:

      Happy New Year Lizzy and great to hear from you. Wow you must have been in your element with a cookware store, but it must have been awful when people stole from you! I had to go rooting for their business card and I found it 🙂 The shop is called The Flax and Twine and this is their website Hope you find the tiffin tins when you visit York. It was my first time there and it is such a beautiful place with some gorgeous shops.

  3. Ania @ Milk, Toast and Honey says:

    Moya, that is a very handsome pitcher! I love the glazed hearts on it, stunning. As for the tiffin tins, I have a blue set of these and find them amazingly handy for storing all sorts of things. Thanks for inviting me to have a look around your kitchen. Happy 2015

    • Moya says:

      Thank you for stopping by Ania and I am sure a few of us have similar things in our kitchens. The tiffin tins do make cute storage containers 🙂 Happy New Year too.

  4. Love you collection and the cookbook by Ottolenghi had me thinking…I received a gift card for Christmas to a book store. Perhaps that is what I should go looking for as I don’t have a book by him yet and I do adore his recipes.

    • Moya says:

      I have never cooked any of Ottolenghi recipes yet but have heard lots of good reviews so looking forward to trying some recipes. Gift cards for bookstores are wonderful gifts. 🙂

    • Moya says:

      Fiona I should stop buying all theses lovely things for my kitchen or else I will have to move out. The tiffany tin is special and of course will feature in a few blog posts at some point 🙂

    • Moya says:

      Hi Jan, yes I think this jug would look fabulous with some flowers. Our cookbook club is held at a bookstore and we each make a dish from the chosen cookbook. It’s a lovely social gathering with lots of delicious food to sample. Maybe you could start one in your area! Thanks for stopping by and happy new year 🙂

  5. My Kitchen Stories says:

    Happy New Year. I love your book stand, very unusual. I also love your jug it’s really beautiful. I hope that we have time to visit each other again during the year.

    • Moya says:

      Well Celia, you can imagine the joy on seeing one in a shop… there was no way I was leaving without one. They had red ones too. 🙂

  6. You have lots of beautiful things in you kitchen this month. I’m loving your tiffin tin Moya, it’s gorgeous! I’ve never seen anything like it before. And that Arabic coffee pot is beautiful. Where did you get that cookbook stand – I love how it holds the pages and it looks very sturdy. Thank you for sharing what’s in your kitchen, see you soon x

    • Moya says:

      Hi Nicole, I bought the cookbook stand in Ireland some years back. Sadly the shop that sold lots of gorgeous vintage kitchen things has closed. It is quite a sturdy stand and do love that it stops the pages from flipping over. See you soon too 🙂

  7. SeattleDee says:

    What a lovely collection of treasures – will you use the tiffin tin or is it a colorful item to be admired rather than used? Either way, it’s a treasure.

    • Moya says:

      Hi Jan, if I was still going to work I would use this tiffin tin as a trendy lunch box, at the moment it sits as an ornament in my kitchen. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  8. ladyredspecs says:

    Add me to the list of people coveting those gorgeous tiffin tins. I’ve been to India many times with promises to self to bring back tiffin tins, but I only ever see the straight sided shiny model we can buy locally.

    • Moya says:

      I am sure in India they exist somewhere, but at least I found one by chance in York. I also have the stainless steel one which as you say can be bought locally. 🙂

  9. hotlyspiced says:

    The pitcher is gorgeous. And how lovely to have ‘Plenty More’. I love the photography as much as the recipes. Your Arabian coffee pot is very unique and reminds me of Aladdin’s Lamp xx

    • Moya says:

      This week I plan to cook from Plenty More as our cookbook club gathering is coming up. Wonder if I start polishing my coffee pot will I find a genie 🙂

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