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Dairy Free Mango and Banana Ice Cream

Mango and Banana Ice Cream-7133I wanted to make a simple fruit dessert for Ramadan and instead of the usual mango custard hubby likes, decided to try Donna Hay’s dairy free cheats ice cream. Blending frozen fruit into a delicious creamy mass with no ice cream machine required.

Using the last of the seasons Alphonso mangos in our kitchen…  just love their intense sweetness and perfume, it’s so intoxicating. You can of course use other types of ripe mangos. I often keep frozen bananas in the freezer and love how they add a delicious sweet creaminess to smoothies. Was pretty impressed how creamy and smooth the Mango and Banana ice cream turned out… I guess the secret ingredient is the banana.

Mango and Banana Ice Cream-7107The recipe uses frozen mango pieces, I have not come across frozen mango before, so chopped some fresh mango into pieces and placed them in the freezer along with the bananas. The frozen fruit is best blended using a food processor and not a blender. With a food processor the frozen fruit has more room to move around and blend evenly.

This ice cream is also suitable for vegans and those that cannot tolerate dairy products or, if you are looking for a healthier way to indulge in frozen treats without the extra calories. You could also try this... take a scoop of this ice cream and blend with some chilled home-made coconut or almond milk for a refreshing summer dairy free Mango and Banana milk shake.

Mango and Banana Ice Cream-7133

Mango and Banana Ice Cream

Recipe adapted from  Donna Hay’s Magazine “Fresh and Light.”

500g bananas (after removing the skin)
400g frozen mango pieces (or freeze fresh pieces of chopped mango)
80ml maple syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste

How to Make:
Slice the bananas evenly into rounds and layer between non-stick baking parchment in a suitable freeze proof container. Cover and freeze for 4 hours or overnight. If using fresh mangos, chop the flesh into even sized cubes and repeat the same freezing process as the bananas.

Place the frozen bananas, mango, maple syrup and vanilla bean paste into a food processor. Process until smooth (you may want to use the pulse button a few times), this may take about three to four minutes. Spoon into a suitable container, cover and freeze for a further 3 hours or until firm.  Serves 6.

Note: If the ice cream has frozen solid… before serving remove the Mango and Banana ice cream from the freezer and transfer to the fridge to soften, for about 15 minutes.

8 thoughts on “Dairy Free Mango and Banana Ice Cream

  1. Yum! This is very dangerous to send out before Iftar Moya 🙂 Looks amazing! Thank you for sharing xxx


  2. Wow…… this is *just* the thing for those of us for whom lactose is not a friend….. sounds delish. Your instructions are clear and simple…. .just my style! Thanks!


  3. Moya, that sounds great! i usually have frozen bananas and frozen mango pieces in my freezer for smoothies. This is just up my alley.


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