In My Kitchen July 2015

Spinach, grape,cucumber juice_IMK July 2015In my kitchen I find I am making more use of my cold press juicer than my old centrifugal one. In my opinion, the cold-pressed juice tastes far superior. It can also handle juicing leafy greens and herbs more effectively. Here we have cold-pressed spinach, cucumber and grapes… not a bad way to kick-start the day.

Tradational Bulgarian  YoghurtMaking lots more delicious yogurt in my kitchen and this time using a freeze-dried “Bolgari” yogurt starter ordered from amazon. I had to post it to a friend in the Uk (amazon did not post this item to Bahrain) who brought it back for me. So far the results have been good, creamy, fairly thick with a slight tart taste. Will up-date an older post on yogurt making, over the years you tend to make little changes or variations… sometimes adding fresh cream… note the delicious creamy layer on top.

Box of DatesSoon we will collect lots of fresh dates from our garden date palms, but in the meantime, enjoyed this box of dates which were a gift. Some dates stuffed with almonds and others with candied orange peel which I love, perfect with Arabic coffee.

Mango and Banana Ice CreamRecently the motor on my ice cream machine decided to stop working as I was about to churn a Kulfi mixture. I’ve had the Magimix Glacier for some years now and wouldn’t say it was ever overused. Would love a fancy gelato and not have to keep bowls in the freezer but the amount of times I actually make ice cream doesn’t justify the cost or use of space needed on my kitchen worktop.

In my kitchen inspired to make this easy non dairy ice cream from a Dona Hay magazine as we had some delicious Alphonso mangos and bananas. This time only needed my food processor to blend the frozen fruit into a rich creamy ice cream.

Rabeeb Local Gulf FishSome beautiful colors from the gulf sea in my kitchen, these Rabeeb were almost too pretty to cook. Rubbed with a local spice mix, pan-fried and served with some Arabic sweet rice, a popular dish thorough the Gulf.

IMK July 2015-4324Made some macarons for our cookbook club held at our local Words Bookstore and Cafe, this was a Dorie Greenspan recipe from her cookbook Baking Chez Moi. Loved the salted caramel ones and the chocolate ganache filling was also good. Probably need more practice and definitely plan on making more and freezing some… hopefully making them last long

Each month Celia over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial hosts the In My Kitchen theme, bloggers from around the globe join in and showcase their kitchen treasures. Why not join too!

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26 thoughts on “In My Kitchen July 2015

  1. Thanks Glenda the salted caramel were my favorite. I had a bit of a disaster using a silicone mat designed for piping macarons onto 🙂


  2. What gorgeous fish,. they should be in a fish tank. You are clearly talented as those macrons look perfect. Oh dates, I love them


    1. Yes I am sure these colorful fish would look lovely in a fish tank, wonder if they are even suitable? Not all were perfect, but at least the taste outweighed any imperfections 🙂


    1. The spinach, grape and cucumber is a really nice combination of flavors Sherry and it certainly makes you feel good drinking it 🙂


  3. I love your blog, Moya! I really do! And I love your photographs! Loved the one of the macaroons done on newspaper expecially!


    1. Thank you Nancy. Yes it is a real joy watching them grow and mature and when ripened, picking them from the trees 🙂


  4. Wow! Just viewing your post, I am now hungry! Love the starter you got from Amazon and your chockies!
    Thanks for this month’s kitchen views and making me smile today too!


    1. You are welcome Joanne 🙂 We love the yoghurt the starter has produced and happy that I decided to ordered it 🙂


  5. Your macarons are very impressive and I love their colour. I like to start the day with a juice too. love the box of stuffed dates. Your non-dairy ice cream looks very refreshing xx


  6. i make my own vegan yoghurt here in Germany, like you I have to buy the cultures on the internet! Love the spoon with the icecream too, I’ve been considering buying a maker, how long did you have yours until it died? Such a good IMK this month!


    1. Hi Cate, I must have had mine for about 12 years so I maybe can’t complain so much, although it wasn’t heavily used. Just bought a new cuisinart ice cream machine. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


    1. Hi Jan, it is wonderful to have some date palms in our garden. Some are left on the tree to dry and I love using these for my fruit cakes. Hope you try baking macarons 🙂


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