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In My Kitchen December 2015

IMK 2December and the last “In My Kitchen Post” for 2015. It’s been fun peeking into the kitchens of others, discovering new ingredients and kitchen treasures you never knew existed. Also, lovely being part of the In My Kitchen blogging community which the wonderful Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial created.

I have to thank Celia for kick starting my sourdough craze. Celia is also responsible for me wanting to acquire a traditional proofing basket… a new present for my sourdough starter “Sabr.

In my kitchen pretty new plates with a gorgeous blue patterned border, adding color to my tableware.

In my kitchen… segmented pink grapefruit and made a spiced sugar for grilled grapefruit with star anise sugar served with an elderflower yoghurt. This lovely recipe was from the Yotam Ottolenghi and Ramael Scully cookbook Nopi and prepared  for our cookbook club. We sampled around sixteen dishes from the Nopi cookbook and they were all truly delicious, looking forward to cooking many more.

In my kitchen is the “Soup for Syria” cookbook. All proceeds from the sale of this cookbook go towards the unfortunate plight of the Syrian refugees and in my next post will share one of the delicious soup recipes.

IMK 1In my kitchen some sea green hand-made pottery from Roundstone, Connemara. Lovely souvenirs as a reminder of an amazing few days spent on the Lens and Larder photography retreat in Ireland.

Picked up some hibiscus sea salt at a market, the pink color is really pretty but the salt overwhelms the tart taste of hibiscus.

Christmas pudding mix in the making and I love to using my spherical mould for steaming them in. Thankfully I am a little more organized this year and not using my last-minute Christmas pudding recipe.

These gorgeous new espresso cup and saucer sets are from Silsal Design House and embossed with Arabic calligraphy, the words translate, “Bon Apeptite. I have already filled them with a delicious Chocolate and Coffee Cream recipe, perfect individual servings for entertaining.

In my kitchen used these tart quince to make quince paste, a sweet partner for serving with cheese.

Celia created this friendly and fun community of bloggers from around the globe and five years on, is now passing the In My Kitchen torch to Maureen, Orgasmic Chef. Maureen will host the in my kitchen theme starting next month. Thank you Celia, it has been a joy blogging with you and participating each month 🙂 🙂

13 thoughts on “In My Kitchen December 2015

  1. Moya, you always have lovely things but I love the soup for Syria book the best. The poor people of Syria need all the help we can give.


    1. It really is a beautiful book Glenda and for a very worthy cause. The cookbook would make a wonderful gift too 🙂


  2. Gorgeous pics Moya, I see the photography styling workshop had an impact. Does your bookclub just read and taste from cookbooks? Now that I would love. I’ve tried many flavoured salts, truffle, smoked etc, the saltiness dominates the secondary ingredient in them all. Keeping the money in my purse in the future. Thanks for the peek into your kitchen


    1. Thank you Sandra 🙂 We each make a dish from the chosen cookbook and bring it along to the bookstore where our cookbook club is held. After a glorious feast we each discuss the recipe and any difficulties we had while preparing and cooking the dish. The Nopi cookbook got a thumbs up for sure. Regarding the pink hibiscus salt, I will use this as a finishing salt for its color.


      1. Love the sound of your bookclub Moya. I’m not a great Ottolenghi fan, had a few too many disappointments so it’s deterred me from looking at Nopi. Perhaps I should take a look


  3. Love those blue and white plates. I think that Syria soup book might just make a few gift bags for Christnas if I can get it in time. Cheers, Maree 🙂


  4. The plates are beautiful. I love the sound of your cookbook book club, I wish we had something similar here. I talk about getting a proper proofing basket, maybe it’s time I finally did!


    1. It’s fun to be part of a cookbook club, you could try organizes one Gretchen… it only takes a few people to start. Need to try the proofing basket yet so not sure how difficult it is to use 🙂


  5. I love quince and am always envious when I see fresh ones in people’s IMKs. They grow well in the dry parts of Australia but not here in sub-tropical Brissie. I’ve been eyeing off banneton’s for ages too. I have pinned a few as a ‘consider for next year’ purchase. Thanks for the tour. Cheers!


  6. The quince I used are imported and I am sure lacked the flavor of fresh quince but sometime you have to do with what is available. Not used the proofing basket yet but intend to do so soon 🙂


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