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In My Kitchen September 2016

IMK September 2016-8

In my kitchen…

A quick peek into my kitchen which might inspire you to make, bake or buy something.

A handy canelle knife for taking off strips of citrus peel. Afterwards, when you cut the lemon (or other citrus fruit) into slices, the edges look pretty and great for garnishing food and drinks.

Little pots of homemade yoghurt which we enjoy for breakfast. Sometimes I use a “Bolgari” starter that I buy online and other times use greek yogurt from the supermarket as the starter.

Coffee art at home requires no skills using these handy stencils… so easy!
IMK September 2016-56

In my kitchen…

Shortbread biscuits flavoured with fennel and lemon, a nice change from plain shortbread which of course is delicious too.

Mince pies, I know it’s not Christmas but I wanted to use some leftover filling. Nobody complained and I wanted to try this old patty tin that I recently picked up at a market.

Love having serving spoons and knives with details on the handle, they do need a bit of polish though.

An old-fashioned jar opener, its adjustable and did the trick as I couldn’t open this jar of artichokes by hand.

IMK September 2016-57

In my kitchen…

Homemade apple jelly with rosemary to enjoy with our cheese. Great with roast chicken instead of cranberry sauce too.

An old cake knife and my favorite cooling rack, pretty enough to serve baked goods on.

Pavlova is probably the most made dessert in our house and we never seem to tire of it… neither do family and friends. As it’s made with egg whites I never throw them away and always store them in the freezer.

These apricot slices with almond and coconut freeze well and I usually make extra for the freezer… they defrost quickly too.

Short and sweet until next time.


13 thoughts on “In My Kitchen September 2016

  1. Everything is so beautiful. I’m wondering about pot set yoghurt- I do make my own yoghurt too, but would love to do some set in pots and jars. Do you put them in a heated box? The jelly looks superb too.


    1. Thank you Francesca. I use an electric yoghurt incubator made by Cuisinart , the little jars came with the appliance. I also use other pots and jars too.

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  2. I love the patina of age on the silverware Moya, bright and shiny would destroy that. Fruit mince lovers would eat Christmas tarts with gusto all year round, send a few my way, we’ll help you out….


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