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In My Kitchen October 2016

imk-october-2015-6October brings an end to our sweltering summer heat and high humidity, and once again we can enjoy outdoors and start firing up the barbecue. Yeah… so happy to see Lizzy from bizzylizzysgoodthings is now hosting the “In My Kitchen” monthly theme, where bloggers from around the globe showcase their kitchen treasures. Why not join us.

In my October kitchen…

Earmarked a recipe with this colorful magnetic bookmark designed by the artists of Yuendumu, a souvenir from a visit to Australia a few years back… love these small sentimental memories.

Planing on making a beetroot cured salmon from the Italian cookbook, Polpo. Have never used beetroot when curing salmon and looking forward to trying out this new recipe. Also, this is the cookbook chosen for our local cookbook club, held later this month at Words Bookstore and Cafe.

With these sturdy cake decorating tweezers I can place tiny sugar pearls and small silver teardrops exactly where I need them. Also, handy for placing small leaf garnishes on canapés and other food items. Great tool for food photographers and food stylist, as sometimes fingers get in the way.

Popped into a local weekend market and came away with this cute spatula, like wooden spoons, you can never have enough spatulas. I think  home-baked shortbread will look pretty on this small pink heart serving plate.

Chop sticks and stylish bowls are even better when filled with asian flavors like this vietnamese style noodle and prawn soup.

imk-october-2015-6-2In my kitchen…

A spiralizer, my daughter thought she might use one and so far…  I’m waiting 🙂 In the meantime, putting it to use. Love that spaghetti look it gives vegetables and certainly makes a bowl of spaghetti look healthier.

Some sweet waffles for breakfast courtesy of the wafflemeister in Bahrain. Partnered with a shot of coffee brewed in this cute mini Top Moka espresso maker found at Caffè Camardo, one of our many local coffee shops

Visited the local souk on a recent trip to Jordan and although we have our own wonderful spice souk in Bahrain… you still need to buy something. Za’tar is popular in our home and especially when brushed over a delicious  aubergine cheesecake. Bought some safflower too , sometimes called “poor man’s saffron” or “bastard saffron.” Tastes nothing like saffron but makes a colorful garnish on rice dishes and used in some spice mixes. Steeped in boiling water, the safflower gives liquids a hue of color. Could be used as a natural food coloring with rice dishes, desserts and ice cream.

imk-october-2015-4In my kitchen…

Crostini, topped with cannellini beans, pureed and marinated, a rocket and walnut pesto crostini, both made from the Italian cookbook, Polpo.

The red pepper paste with walnuts is a favorite recipe of mine and equally good when spread on these little toasts.

You can never have enough salt in your kitchen, especially gourmets salts. Love this sack of Fleur De Sel Guerande, a naturally white hand-harvested French salt. Use as a finishing salt and sprinkle over grilled meats and seafood. Also, you can sprinkle this salt over desserts and baked goods with the sweet and salty combination. Thank you Sue for this very thoughtful gift from the picturesque L’Aveyron region of France and happy to know you enjoy this blog.

Love the crisp and fresh flavor of these micro green pea shoots… add to salads, green juices or use as a garnish.

When this tin of smoked paprika is empty, I wont throw it away but will refill it again… anyone else feel the same way about cute tins? Kidney beans, roasted red peppers, garlic and chili flakes… staples in my kitchen and ingredients I add when making a pot of chilli con carne.

Check out all the other lovely bloggers who join this monthly theme and have a peek into their kitchens,  each blog listed on the side-bar of Lizzy’s blog 🙂  




16 thoughts on “In My Kitchen October 2016

  1. Hello there Moya, thank you for the lovely shout out (please change Lissy to Lizzy if you can). I am sorry I missed your first comment, but have rectified now and Food & Tools has been added to the side bar. I see your spiraliser and feel guilty that I bought one and have not yet used it! Loving your photos, beautiful, as always xxx


    1. Your welcome Lizzy and I have changed the error in the link to your website, thank you for bringing it to my attention. The spiralizer was bought for my daughter but it seems I am the one using it. You might get around to using yours one of these days 🙂


  2. Moya, your post was a treat for the eyes! (And foodie imagination…) I’ve considered getting a spiralizer; your photo convinced me that I’m missing an essential kitchen tool (love that about IMK!) and some mighty tasty dishes. Healthy, too! Thanks for sharing your lovely kitchen goodies.


    1. Hi Kim, you never know which IMK post will inspire a purchase:) Pleased with the spiraliser I bought, did try a hand held one which was pretty useless so you might want to do a little homework before buying.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Your foods are very appealing. Spiralizers seem to be universal — I saw one in a kitchen shop in the countryside in England last week! My kitchen is pretty empty now because I was traveling.


    1. Hi Mae, thanks for stopping by. Yes there are plenty of Spiralizers around, some better at handling the job than others 🙂


  4. Love the spiraliser. I must try that one day. And what a cute spatula I am a huge fan of all sorts of salts and yes I keep tins and boxes etc to re-use. That eggplant cheesecake sounds intriguing.


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