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In My Kitchen December 2016

imk-december-2016-0028Squeezing in a quick In My Kitchen blog post before the deadline ends tonight! I have not been in my kitchen these past few weeks as I was travelling. Not having my computer and trying to do a blog post using my phone would have proved difficult… well at least for me. I have never quite mastered a small keyboard… unlike the younger generation. Just unpacking the suitcase and I also need to get cracking with preparations for Christmas.

While visiting my son had this gorgeous wooden rolling-pin delivered to his home. I first came across these beautiful wooden rolling pins on Lizzy’s blog and on checking out the In My Wood website, found one with bees. Still in its wrapper but looking forward to making bee themed cookies… so watch out family and friends, you may have a swarm of cookies land on you.

While away, market trips are a must and managed to find a few bits and pieces that no doubt will find their way into photographs at some point. An old nutcracker and not so shiny cutlery are a few items I managed to find. You might be thinking I have gone bee mad with this “Nature Table” plate… only one that keeps bees knows how intoxicating they can bee 🙂 At least the cake slice server is void of bees.

imk-december-2016-0250We love scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast,  poshed up with a spoonful of truffle with mushrooms. A delicious foodies gift from my daughters friend Lala.

A double blade mezzaluna makes quick work of chopping fresh herbs, easy to use and keeps the fingers safe.

Love the flowers on fresh chives, they look so pretty and this pot sits on my kitchen widow sill.

Wishing all the lovely community of In My Kitchen bloggers a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the New Year. Look forward to joining you and the host Lizzy from bizzylizzysgoodthings in 2017. XX

12 thoughts on “In My Kitchen December 2016

  1. Oh Moya, that bee embossed rolling pin is just gorgeous! I hope you have fun with it.Thank you for participating in the IMK. Happy December, thank you for the shout outs and season’s eatings to you and yours XXX


  2. And a very happy Christmas to you! Congratulations on making the IMK deadline.

    best… mae at


  3. I love all the bees. That rolling pin is just lovely. I never use rolling pins so even tho they are gorgeous I just wouldn’t use one. Have a fine xmas.


    1. Hi Sherry I know we can make do without many kitchen gadgets and utensils but when it comes to kitchen stuff… I’m hooked. Have a great Christmas 🙂


  4. Lovely chatting to you yesterday Moyà and now enjoying your photos – love your new rolling-pin! Mouth watering now for scrambled eggs too 😂
    Happy Christmas to you and your family
    A new follower for 2017!!!!! LOL Pam xxx


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