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Caramelized White Chocolate

Have you ever caramelized white chocolate? Apparently this technique is nothing new but I recently stumbled upon this sweet piece of information on Food52 Instagram stories. I love anything caramelized and with a bar of white chocolate sitting idle, decided to give it a try. As this was my first attempt I wasn’t about to use a pound of chocolate in case I ruined the whole thing… so used a 100g bar of Lindt white chocolate.

How it’s done… white chocolate is placed on a rimmed tray and cooked at a low oven temperature, slowly caramelizing the sugars and milk solids which turn the white chocolate a golden brown color. Throughout the process you need to stir the melted chocolate often. The resulting flavor, a toasted caramel-butterscotch flavored chocolate which is utterly deciduous… especially with a little sea salt sprinkled over when left to set.

Valrhona chocolate makers take credit for discovering this technique, apparently a chef forgot about his white chocolate melting in a water bath, later discovering it had turned a caramel color which smelled and tasted delicious. Looking at others who shared the same technique, timings vary so you might want to check other links below on caramelizing white chocolate.

In a nutshell, it took almost three hours for the chocolate to caramelize… much longer than stated. But before you say “ THREE HOURS”,  you lovely cooking enthusiasts out there know how different chocolate brands, temperature, types of baking trays, how often you stir are variables that can affect the caramelizing process. Erring on the side of caution…maybe my oven temperature  (110°C Fan) was a tad low, also used a small Pyrex dish and not a metal tray. Looks like some tweaking needed! My husband did comment… are you still at that “chocolate thing”. The technique was deliciously successful but at some point will give this another try… hopefully it wont take three hours. My only regret… I didn’t caramelize more chocolate at the time.

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Something sweet to ponder on 🙂

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