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Mango Lassi with Bee Pollen |Healthy Summer Cooler

Mango Lassi with Bee Pollen |Healthy Summer CoolersThe temperature outside is rising and with a bit of mango mania going on in the kitchen, thirst quenching yoghurt based drinks like this mango lassi with bee pollen are on the drinks list. Now I know bee pollen is not your typical ingredient found in a sweet lassi, but adding extra health boosting ingredients like seeds, nuts, berries, oatmeal etc., are quick and simple ways of increasing the nutritional content of your favorite drink.

Touted as a super-food, I had never bought bee pollen (granules) until recently. Probably one of the reasons that kept me so long from trying bee pollen is written on packet labels… “this product may cause severe allergic reaction”. Do not take this warning lightly, I have experienced an acute anaphylactic shock (nothing to do with bees) and it’s a very frightening  experience and one I would not wish on anyone. Continue reading “Mango Lassi with Bee Pollen |Healthy Summer Cooler”