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Fresh Eggs and Happy Hens

Hens 2-0222

Meet Ronnie… the man about the house coop.

Visiting my family on a recent trip to Ireland, I met Henrietta, Rosie, Bride, Moon and Shelly… these feathered ladies supplied my sister’s household with an abundance of fresh eggs. I have always favoured the colour of brown eggs over white… they look much more appealing. Apparently there is no difference in the taste between white and brown eggs, other than the colour of the shell. Do you disagree? Did you know that the ear lobes of hens dictate the colour of the egg-shell, white ear lobe = white shell, red ear lobe = brown shell… I picked that bit of information while attending a cooking class in Bali… the chef was giving a talk on fresh produce. Continue reading “Fresh Eggs and Happy Hens”