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In My Kitchen May 2023

This May, we had an abundance of cherry tomatoes from a friend who had overgrown her vegetable patch. Because there was too much to eat all at once, I dried some in the dehydrator, which is one of my favorite ways to preserve tomatoes. Prior to purchasing a dehydrator, I would frequently dry tomatoes in the oven, which is also an excellent method of drying tomatoes. 

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In My Kitchen April 2023

Days are flying by and already entering the second quarter of this year. Our short winter has passed and at present enjoying our beautiful weather, much cooler than past years…long may it last! Thought I would say hello with a few items that have passed through my kitchen.

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In My Kitchen January 2023

IMK Jan 2023-7

Happy New Year everyone and wish you health and good times for the year ahead. Even though blog posts are sparse, thank you for being part of my blogging world, your visits and comments are always greatly appreciated. Also, look forward to joining the “In My Kitchen”community whenever I have some spare time which seems less these days. Continue reading “In My Kitchen January 2023”