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How to fold a Paper Napkin into a Flower Bud

Napkin Fold Rose Bud-8230I’ve let the style ideas section of this blog idle, so this week decided to share something a little creative that’s not going to add calories to anyone… including myself. Now I certainly don’t consider myself an origami master but have a few simple napkin folding sketches tucked into an old folder from the good old photocopying days. Nowadays we have so much choice when buying paper or cloth napkins and many with beautiful patterns, textures and plenty of gorgeous colors.

This fold  is called a flower bud design and best done with paper napkins… it also reminds me of a Kimono. What do you think? Elegant little touches add a welcoming feel to your table setting and need not be complicated. This might look a little difficult but actually it’s not. Once you have folded your first flower bud, the rest are easy. It’s a good idea to have your iron on a low setting and press the paper napkins as you fold, this gives a crisp finish, making them sturdier. This is the only time I could say I enjoy ironing. You also might find it helpful when you have completed the napkin fold to use a small paper clip to keep the ends (at the back) from sliding out when shaping or taking them to the table. This is another area you could add a little sparkle and color and use fancy paper clips.

Instructions for making a Flower Bud Napkin Fold

Flower Bud or Kimono this elegant and decorative paper napkin is a beautiful way to adorn your next table setting, adding a more personal touch when entertaining at home. Other favorites of mine are the candle napkin fold and the tea light napkin fold using cloth napkins.

Diagram One for Rose Bud Napkin FoldStart with the top left-hand photo and work downwards.

  1. Begin by fully opening out the paper napkin into a large square.
  2. Fold the napkin into a triangle with the pointed end facing downwards.
  3. Take the left had corner of the triangle and fold it downwards towards the middle point. Repeat with the right hand side.
  4. The folded napkin is now diamond-shaped. Take the bottom point of the diamond and fold it up towards the top point.
  5. Creating a triangle with middle point facing upwards.

Starting with the top left-hand photo and work downwards.

  1. Take the two uppermost layers from the napkin and fold them about three-quarters way down.
  2. Take the napkin and turn it over. Taking the long ends bring them together and push one end into the pocket of the other, creating a cylinder shape. This is where you might want to secure with a paper clip so the ends don’t come apart while shaping the napkin.
  3. Turn the napkin over and tuck the flap at the bottom under.
  4. Holding the napkin from the bottom end pull the two loose points from the upper left and right hand sides to create the petals
    Widen the center (the bud) opening with your fingers.


4 thoughts on “How to fold a Paper Napkin into a Flower Bud

  1. Gosh Tandy how wonderful… I am amazed at the designs people create out of paper. I am sure you will be able to fold this flower bud napkin with your eyes closed 🙂


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