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Bee Embossed Shortbread Biscuits

bee-embossed-shortbread-biscuits-4821Finally getting around to posting a recipe for these cute bee embossed shortbread biscuits using my new laser cut rolling-pin. I’m a big fan of kitchen paraphilia so you can image my delight when I first saw these gorgeous rolling pins on Lizzy’s blog, My kids were quite amused when I showed them my new wooden engraved rolling-pin… they’re a bit worried I may have gone bee mad. Continue reading

Slice and Bake Fennel and Lemon Shortbread Biscuits

Fennel and Lemon Shortbread-3800Short, buttery and perfect with a cuppa, these fennel and lemon shortbread biscuits are not difficult to make. Once the dough is shaped and chilled, all you need do is slice and bake. The sweet mellow liquorice flavour of fennel seeds compliments the zesty flavor of lemon. Continue reading

Shortbread Biscuits Sprinkled with Vanilla Infused Sugar

Shortbread sprinkled with Vanilla SugarWhen it comes to making buttery shortbread biscuits we all have a favorite recipe and I love shortbread that’s light, crumbly and has a slight crunch. Visiting my sister-in-law and over a cup of tea, she brought out a tin of shortbread biscuits a client had given her. Knowing how much my sister-in-law loves shortbread, her client gave her a brief summary of the recipe… now passed on to me. You know you’re munching on a good shortbread when it ticks all the boxes. Continue reading

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