Tea Light Napkin Fold for Valentine’s

tea light napkin foldWithout going over board one can always squeeze in a little romance and add a few (or just one) simple touches to your table setting… if dining at home! Napkins folded to resemble tea lights or candles, heart-shaped wine charms placed on the stem of a glass or a few heart-shaped chocolates scattered over a place setting!

On the food and drink end… fancy trying out your knife skills… make a Valentine Rose as a garnish! Maybe you might like to indulge in some chocolate dipped strawberries or sip on a Chocolate Martini! And if none of the above takes your fancy why not simply curl up on a comfortable sofa with a mug of real hot chocolate and watch your favorite movie! Whatever way you choose to mark the day… Happy Valentines everyone!tea light napkin fold-place setting


How to fold: Fold an ironed napkin in half to make a triangle, matching the corners. With the shortest end of the napkin pointing towards you, roll the napkin (not too tightly) up. Run your hand over the rolled napkin to flatten and then taking one end of the napkin, roll it into a coil. Secure the rolled napkin with ribbon or string. Gently tease out one of the ends from the middle of the rolled napkin which will resemble the flame!

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