Seasoning your Sea Salt with Pink Peppercorn and Wasabi


Different types of Sea Salt

Fleur De Sel, Himalayan Rock, Maldon, Black Lava and Murray River Salt

Salt, our bodies can’t do without it, it’s an essential nutrient, a taste enhancer, modifier and a food preservative. Whenever salt touches food it livens and elevates flavours and taste and I can’t imagine cooking without salt. However, in terms of health, salt is salt and I try to pay attention to how much I use with cooking. Maybe you already know, our daily recommended salt requirement should not exceed 6g for adults (children 4g), whether it’s table or gourmet salt. Unlike gourmet salts, regular table salt is highly processed, denser, has anti caking agents (prevents clumping) and sometimes iodine is added. Continue reading

Postcards from Melbourne


Melbourne City, Queen Victoria Night Market, Street Graffiti, Love Locks on the Yarra River footbridge to Southgate

Mission accomplished and hubby has completed his goal, with his first Ironman championship, swimming for 3.8km, cycling for 180km and running for 42km… what a feat! One of our local newspaper (Gulf Daily News) featured him as Bahrain’s Fittest 51-year-old !” Definitely a grueling challenge and I was both happy and relieved to see him finally cross the finish line to become an Ironman, 12 hours, 37 minutes and 17 seconds later. I guess the Oat Porridge with Coconut Milk and Avocado Smoothies might have had something to do with it all.

In preparation for the Ironman and on the day of the race day we spent some time in Frankston (race start) and St. Kilda (race finish), a lively seaside town overlooking Port Phillip Bay, a very beautiful area. While in Frankston saw some pretty amazing sand sculptures, certainly taking sandcastle making with the good old bucket and spade to another level.

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Colcannon a Traditional Irish Potato Recipe


Colcannon is a traditional Irish recipe consisting of creamy mashed potatoes with kale (or cabbage), this simple side dish is both hearty and comforting… but oh-so tasty. Finding locally grown Kale at the farmers market here in Bahrain (and some supermarkets), makes this  colcannon even tastier. Kale is a nutritious leafy green which belongs to the Brassica family that includes the vegetables broccoli, brussels sprouts and collard. Have you ever made Kale chips? Kale chips are the trend and if you would like to make them, Smitten Kitchen shares her recipe. Continue reading