Espresso Yoghurt Hotcakes with Star Anise Sugar and Lemon

Espress Yoghurt Hotcakes_Star Anise Sugar_LemonHurrayโ€ฆ this year Iโ€™ve managed to remember pancake Tuesday and upload a recipe, Espresso Yoghurt Hotcakes with Star Anise Sugar and Lemon. When we were growing up Dad always made the old favorite, thin pancakes sprinkled with caster sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice. I also remember a very smokey kitchen and the wait seemed endless. Continue reading

In My Kitchen February 2016

Yemen Honeycomb in a Tin-2069In my kitchenโ€ฆ

A gorgeous tin of unprocessed honey from Yemen. Picked this sweet stuff up on a visit to the annual fair, checked out a few stalls selling honey, each promising a wealth of health benefits that would make your head spin. I don’t mind a bit of wax in my honey as long as the bees have made it. Continue reading

Hasselback Courgettes with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Cheese

Hassleback CourgettesWhen I first came across this small hasselback cutting board in a kitchen shop I had thought a soap dish had found itโ€™s way into a box of kitchen gadgets I was rummaging through. With no packaging around it and no soap sold on the premises, I decided to ask what this wooden thing was for and this was my first introduction to a dedicated Swedish hasselback cutting board. Continue reading

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