In My Kitchen August 2015

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In my kitchen we’ve had lots of fresh dates from our garden date palms and many have been given to family and friends. Snipped from a branch, these fresh dates are called Al-Khoneizy and are ready to eat. To keep a supply of dates to enjoy throughout the year, we will leave the rest of the dates on the date palm to dry for about a month before picking. One of my favorite date recipes is this easy date and banana dessert, it only takes minutes to prepare and handy if you need to entertain on short notice. Continue reading

Three Summer Quenchers

Lavender Lemonade-0165When it’s so hot and so very humid… just like our weather, summer quenchers are always very welcoming. Of course, water is always the healthier option but sometimes you want to sip on something a little sweeter. Continue reading

Pumpkin Fruit Cake

Pumpkin Fruit Cake

You don’t have to wait for celebrations and festive occasions to bake a really nice fruit cake, just like this delicious pumpkin fruit cake. It’s light, moist and keeps well and perfect with a cup of tea or, packed into a lunch box or picnic basket. This recipe is from fellow blogger Glenda whose blog is Passion Fruit Gardens, it was her Mum’s pumpkin fruit cake recipe… but not always Glenda’s favorite. Continue reading

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