In My Kitchen August 2018

kitchen scales-3882Didn’t manage last months In My Kitchen post and now just about squeezing in August’s as the deadline for joining is hours away. So, a quick roundup of some kitchen treasure and bits of baking from my happy place. Continue reading

Bees in July and August

bees on frame-2Since my last post on bees I’ve learned that unfortunately I have no control over where my bees forage for food, or when a farmer or home gardener sprays insecticides harmful to bees and other insects.  Last year I lost a hive… literally over night. Continue reading

Raw Beetroot Slices with Cocoa, Balsamic Thyme Vinaigrette

beetroot salad with cocoa balsamic

Love easy to prepare sides such as this raw beetroot salad. The sliced beetroot is marinated overnight in a cocoa balsamic thyme vinaigrette which softens the slices making them deliciously sweet. Continue reading

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