Smoky Aubergine Dip with White Chocolate

aubergine with white chocolate-5211-2The smoky flavour of aubergines is one of those gastronomic delights you won’t forget when you taste delicious middle eastern dishes like baba ganoush and moutabel. Continue reading

Bees and April

Queen Bees Young-2

April began with a bee puzzle… two queens on the outside of a hive! I was only aware queen bees leave the hive when swarming to start a new colony. Or, leave as a virgin queen on a mating flight (which happens in the air) before returning to their respective colony. For two days, both queens remained outside the hive, day and night… Continue reading

Roasted Courgette Salad with Tomatoes, Sprouted Bean Shoots and Kombucha Vinegar

Bean Sprouts with Corugetttes-6616Roasting courgettes enhances their flavor and one of several ways we enjoy them. When making smaller servings of this vegetable salad I use an air-fryer instead of the oven for roasting the courgettes and spring onions, I find it convenient and faster. Depending where on the globe you live, Continue reading

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