A blog around my kitchen


The kitchen is the heart and hub of our home, and it is where I spend the majority of my time each day. There is a comfortable chair in the corner of the kitchen where I can relax and unwind with a nice cup of coffee and a good cooking magazine.

I was thinking that I really need to sort through some of the ” kitchen paraphernalia” that has accumulated in my kitchen over the years. Drawers and cupboards brimming with cooking tools, bakeware, dishes and of course…food. I know I use most of these items but can I let some of it go? I’ll keep you updated.

(Up-dated) As of 2023 I still have most of the kitchen paraphernalia and have let go of very little and I seem to have accumulated more…lol!  If you happen to come across this post you can see some of the items in the “In My Kitchen” blog post archives. Enjoy the rummage through my kitchen. 🙂

2 thoughts on “A blog around my kitchen

  1. Very nice & comfy looking chair Moya, I have an armchair in my kitchen too and love it for reading. Would love to see the rest of your kitchen, knowing you its fab.


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