Edible Glitter|Adding A Touch of Frost

On a recent visit  to Ireland and awake at the crack of dawn meant I witnessed the beauty of the sun rising on a rather chilly and frosty morning. White blankets of tiny ice crystals shimmering and glistening in the sun, not the type of weather we ever witness living in Bahrain… but I believe

The coldest temperature ever recorded in Bahrain was on January 20, 1964, when it dropped to -5C in Awali and 2.4C at Bahrain International Airport. That particular freeze was accompanied by a white-out, with icicles forming on trees and fences at Awali. (Gulf Daily News)

The only hope of some shimmering frost in my kitchen comes from little jars of edible glitter. These jars of iridescent “frost” are highly reflective, shiny and add a touch of sparkle and shimmer that catches the light. You can buy jars of edible glitter/dust in cake decorating supply shops, or you can buy them on-line.

All you need do is make something delicious like these Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Shortbread Biscuits, Sugared Mint Leaves, Pavlova or what ever you fancy and sprinkle over the desired amount of edible glitter.

The Frost Effect:  Dip a fine dry artists paintbrush (only for use with food) into a pot of edible glitter.  Hold the paintbrush over the item, gently tapping the brush handle with your finger to release the dust and sprinkle over… it’s that simple!

Edible dust can also be brushed directly onto the surface of any dry cake decoration or chocolate.

Keep a look out for more little touches of frost!


  1. Noor says:

    Love these little pots of “frost” and I have already added them to my shopping list! Have you ever tried buying them on-line?


    • Moya says:

      Noor, I have never bought edible glitter on-line, however they are widely available on many cake decorating sites, it just depends if they will ship to your area! I always stock up when I travel! Definitely worth having on your shopping list! 🙂


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