Some Irish Favourites


Nothing has been turned a ghastly green colour in this post for St. Patrick Day. Mr. Google already has endless lists of green recipes which I am sure will have covered Ireland’s forty shades of green… which by the way, was a famous song dedicated to the Emerald Isle by singer Johnny Cash… that’s going back a few years! So in honor of St. Patrick’s Day… a few things Irish!

Carved with celtic symbols from the Wild Goose Studios in Ireland this piece is a favourite of mine and represents life’s journeys and meetings!   A note on the back makes reference to Emerson’s Law of Spiritual Gravitation!

“People destined to meet will do so apparently by chance at precisely the right moment!”

Carl Jung called this synchronicity! A wonderful thought!


An avid fan of Nicholas Mosse, many pieces of this handmade pottery have journeyed across the waters to Bahrain inside a suitcase, thankfully arriving in one piece! To this day my kids will never let me forget the 3 hour car journey (just to get there) I inflicted on them, traveling to the place in Kilkenny where Nicholas Mosse makes his pottery! “Mum… “you made us travel all this way… just to see this”! All for the love of Irish pottery!


Ireland is famous for its traditional Aran sweaters and they say that each stitch has a story and in every line there is a legend. My Mother original from Donegal, famous for its traditional Aran sweaters, hand knit this very special Aran cardigan. As far as I know no legends or stories were ever associated with this cardigan…  sure it all might be a wee bit of the old blarney!irish-irish-2

Nothing beats the Irish countryside (when it’s not raining) and coupled with a cheese-making day at a farmhouse in Coreleggy…  a wonderful Irish out-door experience!

More Irish recipes will be posted on this blog at different stages and I have previously posted my Dad’s traditional Irish potato bread recipe and a chocolate and blackcurrant cupcake recipe made with the famous Irish black stuff… Guinness! Keep and eye out for more!

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂 🙂

3 thoughts on “Some Irish Favourites

  1. I like the meaning of the celtic symbols and nice to think that there might be some stories and legends in all that knitting!


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