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Ramadan – Iftar Meal

When planning meals for Ramadan every family has their favourite recipes and the Bahraini Kebab and Thareed are always part of the Iftar meal at my family in-laws house. The days fasting is first broken with dates, water or fresh juice and a light chicken broth is served before eating the main dishes. A simple salad consisting of chopped cos lettuce, grated carrot, chopped spring onion, tomato, cucumber and mint leaves; seasoned and dressed lightly with fresh lemon juice is also served. Desserts like muhallabia, jelly, crème caramel and fruit custards follow and flasks of chai and arabic coffee are made to drink throughout the evening.

Iftar Menu

Bahraini Kebab

Bahraini Kebab

Thareed – Lamb and vegetable stew with Khoubz – Arabic FlatbreadArabic Lamb Stew - Thareed

Muhallabia – Ground Rice PuddingArabic Rice PuddingGetting Ahead: The batter for the Bahraini Kebab can be made a couple of hours in advance. The Thareed can be made the day before but do jnot mix in the khobuz until you have re-heated the dish before serving. Dessert can also be made a day ahead.

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