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In My Kitchen July 2014

Bahraini HalwaAnother month has flown by and time for another In My Kitchen post. Hopefully I can squeeze this in, Australia is seven hours ahead of Bahrain and today is the last day of submission. Its been a very emotional week as we had to make a very heart wrenching decision and put our loving sweet black Labrador “Spud” to sleep. I really can’t say much more right now… maybe with a little more time. Luckily I had some photos ready and compiling this blog post has been a welcoming distraction. You also might want to peek into other kitchens where the host Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial has a long list of links of other bloggers showcasing their kitchen treasures. 

In my kitchen and sitting on my counter top we have Bahraini Halwa, a traditional sweet treat. But be warned… once you start digging into this sticky pot of jelly like deliciousness, flavored with saffron and cardamom… all notions of diets will simply fade away. Especially when freshly packed, topped with extra nuts and still warm. We love to have a spoonful of Halwa with Arabic Coffee or a shot of espresso. The recipe for Bahraini Halwa is handed down from generation to generation and trying to recreate this at home might prove quite difficult. I found a recipe for Bahraini halwa which you might like to try your hand at. But for me, I will enjoy halwa made from the hands of the experts and happily buy a little pot every now and then. PeachsLove these little juice peaches, also called doughnut peaches, great to snack on. They also make a delicious homely conserve which you can stir into home-made yoghurts or ice-cream, use as a topping for mini cheesecakes and custard desserts and of course perfect for serving with scones. Meat Balls shaped with cake pop ballerThis cake pop baller comes in handy when shaping balls of meat, chicken or fish, cake bites. cookie dough, sticky rice, shaping these foods into a uniform size. Of course you can use your hands… but hey, I’m a sucker when it comes to kitchen stuff!Whole Chicken-Silicone Food Ties and Brush-Fresh HerbsReusable silicone food ties have (almost) replaced string in my kitchen and come in handy when you need to secure food for roasting, baking or steaming, adding a touch of colorful glamour when cooking. The silicone brush (can use with high temperatures) is handy for brushing foods with oils or marinades before cooking, and also for basting hot foods while cooking. When roasting a chicken for sandwiches or salads, I like to stuff the cavity with some lemon, red onion and rosemary, adding some flavor to the chicken… beats buying some of the plastic looking sliced meats you see in supermarkets. Egg TimerIn my kitchen this cute egg timer encased in an old door lock sits on my kitchen dresser, bought from an antique type shop on one of my travels. Only for ornamental purposes and I have never used an egg timer when boiling an egg. The Wild Goose Studio Wall PlagueHanging on a wall in my kitchen is a special plaque from The Wild Goose Studio, the celtic symbols represent the cross of journeys and meetings, inspired by Emerson’s Law of Spiritual Gravitation.

“People destined to meet will do so, apparently by chance at precisely the right moment.”

Thought provoking, which Carl Jung called… synchronicity. Maybe synchronicity is at work through these In My Kitchen Posts… who knows. 🙂

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31 thoughts on “In My Kitchen July 2014

  1. What a wonderful peek into your kitchen – that halwa looks amazing – when I lived in Kenya, we used to get a sisal wrapped triangular package from the halwa seller in Mombasa when we were on holiday there – it was wonderful warm! Your egg timer is adorable and what a good use you have found for those cake pop shapers! I rather love those doughnut peaches too. And so sorry to hear about Spud x


    1. Thanks Selma, I wonder how different the ingredients are in halwa made in Mombassa, you must have had wonderful holidays there. Spud will be greatly missed and thank you for mentioning him. 🙂


    1. Mandy thank you for the virtual hug, it is greatly appreciated. You also have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  2. So sorry to hear about your precious family member 😦 I sure spending some time with food will help! I love the Cake pop baller idea, brilliant! Thanks for sharing your wonderful kitchen this month. Liz x


    1. Thank you Elizabeth, Spud was definitely a big part of the family and spending some time in the kitchen doing what you love is a distraction. It’s handy when you can use some kitchen tools for another purpose. 🙂


    1. Thanks Anita he was such a special dog. I enjoy taking part in the “In My Kitchen” series and always interesting to see other kitchens too. Do they have any special ingredients in Kerala Halwa? 🙂


  3. Hi Moya, sorry to hear about SPUD! I remember the day you got him and in particular how excited Khalid was! I’m guessing about 10 years ago, Tim thinks a lot more? Debbie x


    1. Thanks Debbie and Tim, we had Spud for thirteen years and it was so very sad to have to let him go. Yes Khalid was so excited, his best birthday present ever. Thanks for dropping by and hope you are both well xx 🙂


  4. I’m so sorry to hear about Spud. 🙂 Thank you for still taking the time to join in this month, Moya. The donut peaches are really interesting, and the cake pop meatballs are fabulously even. And what a fabulous egg timers? Does it sit well on the narrow end though? It looks like it might topple.. 🙂


    1. The egg timer sits straight but I think it was me who was a little wobbly, my photograph could have have done with a little straightening… lol! 🙂


  5. Sad news about Spud. I hope you are feeling better. I particularly like your cake pop baller. You are right, it is perfect for meat balls.


  6. Stunning photos. I love your special plaque. I am a huge fan of celtic art and am also interested in Jung’s work. My post was a bit late as I am new to what is in your kitchen, but it is up now if you would like to read it. Emma.


  7. Sorry to hear about Spud, our beautiful dog is pushing 13 years old and I can’t even imagine…

    What great gadgets you have and your timer is divine! Thanks for sharing your kitchen.


  8. Moya, sincere sympathy on the loss of your beloved pet. (And sorry to bring it to mind again at this late date, but this was the earliest I could make the rest of my IMK rounds.) They say ‘time heals all wounds’… but some wounds take longer to heal than others… hugs… xo. Thank you for this beautiful, flavorful peek into your kitchen when your heart was so heavy.


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