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Dining at The Meat Co Bahrain

The Meat Co 3The Meat Co prides itself on the quality of selected cuts of meat and an invite to dine at their Bahrain restaurant was something I was looking forward too. One of my favorite foods to eat is a grilled or barbecued steak… so how could I resist and it’s been a long time since I last visited.

Love the cosy atmosphere, the large ceiling to floor windows and autumnal tones of the restaurants interior. The restaurant lighting during the evening is fairly dark and those requiring reading glasses (like myself) might find it a bit of a challenge reading the menu. The lighting over the table was easily adjusted and was quickly addressed by the attentive staff.

Glancing over the menu The Meat Co offers you an array of choices, which include salads, seafood, pasta, burgers, hanging beef skewers and a choice of selected cuts of quality beef from South Africa, America and Australia. Aside from dishes marked vegetarian, a daily vegetarian dish is also offered.

TMC StartersDuring Ramadan alcoholic drinks are not served so we preferred water over a filling mocktail while dining.  A freshly baked loaf of brown bread was served and some restraint was needed, otherwise we would have completely devoured the loaf. Not wanting anything heavy getting in the way of the main course, I choose the Tomato and Strawberry Salad. Tomato slices dressed with chili sugar and lemon and served with a generous mound of rocket leaves with some balsamic strawberries. Refreshing flavors, clean tastes and lightly spiced, a salad that made suitable room for what was next. My dining companion (a regular Meat Co fan) choose the soft shell crab (which she already raves about), coated with a spiced flour, fried and served on a bed of Asian greens flavored with oyster sauce, with a little dish of garlic aioli on the side.

TMC MainFor main course we both choose the grain-fed cuts of beef, I ordered the Australian Wagyu rib-eye which had a marbling score of 4/5, cooked medium-rare and my dining companion choose the Australian Angus Gold fillet, cooked medium. Together our sides dishes included mashed potato, steamed vegetables and fried onion rings as well as peri-peri and peppercorn sauce. When ordering I was going to have my rib-eye pepper crusted but the waitress swayed me in favour of The Meat Co’s special basting sauce… which I’m glad she did.

Our glistening steaks arrived with lovely dark grill marks and flying the signature Meat Co flag. Both steaks were perfectly cooked as ordered and my rib-eye was very tender (compared to my everyday rib-eye), juicy and flavorsome… I savored every last bite. I ended up leaving the peppercorn sauce,  I didn’t  want another flavor to interrupt what I was already enjoying. The side of fried onion rings were not greasy, the portion was generous, so some were left. My dining companion also enjoyed her fillet steak with the peri-peri sauce and mash.

TMC Dessert 3I was told if I mentioned it was my birthday (although it wasn’t)  the staff would break into an enthusiastic show of drumming, dance and song… I was almost tempted. Happy and friendly staff add to the ambiance and mood of a restaurant and it seems the Meat Co has just that.

Feeling rather full and debating on whether we could actually eat dessert, we ended up choosing the chefs tasting platter to share, a good choice if you can’t make up your mind. Again the portions were generous and it turned out we had room for dessert after all. My favorite was the apricot Malva pudding (a traditional South African dessert), served with crème anglaise and garnished with an apricot coulis, lighter than expected. We both loved the crème brûlée with a delicious flavoring of orange.

The Meat Co portions in my opinion are generous (noticing other diners dishes) and some dishes could easily be shared, you also have the choice of the tasting platters. The Meat Co’s commitment to monitoring their beef from pasture to plate reflects their prices and of course each diner is free to choose accordingly. As the roof top lounge was closed and it is still Ramadan, I believe I have not seen the full atmospheric swing of the Meat Co.

Thank you Meat Co for the invite and an enjoyable dining experience with my companion. Also, nice to see you recognize and acknowledge a regular customer. Hope to meat meet you again soon. 🙂 🙂

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