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Friday at The MeatCo Bahrain

The MeatCo Bahrain-12

The MeatCo Bahrain organized a “Foodie Friday” and with a hearty spread of tasters, getting through lunch needed some serious team effort. It’s always lovely to meet fellow bloggers in a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. You can imagine the banter at the table was pretty much food related, but once the dishes arrived, all conversation ceased and cameras took over. Everyone immersed in their own world, taking photos of food… and as you can see… it’s really something we love to do. At the table we have Georgina – Blonde In Bahrain, Fifi – Hungry Fifi, Tasha – Oh My Tash, Anita – Slice Of My Lyfe, Gretta – One Chic Beat and Ali Fareed. Also, thank you MeatCo for seating us near your lovely big windows.
The MeatCo Bahrain-13Sharing is also part of the MeatCo dining experience and it was a treat to have an array of their tasty dishes, enjoyed with some rosé wine. Starting with a selections of salads that were fresh, light and not overly filling, perfect for summer days or when you wish to dine a little lighter. The rocket with fresh apples, shavings of parmesan cheese, topped with walnuts and dressed with balsamic was a favorite of mine.

The MeatCo Bahrain-11

Selection of Salads/Calamari/Hanging Skewer/BBQ Ribs/Boerewors with Polenta

We also had some tender calamari coated in a crunchy batter served with tartar sauce and a dish of seared scallops with a delicious truffled mushroom and asparagus risotto… also a favorite of mine. A puff of flakey pastry with a delicious creamy spinach filling and a dish of red chili spiced prawns. Have I mentioned any meat yet? No worries vegetarians… there are more choices for you too at the MeatCo as it has an extensive menu.

The MeatCo Bahrain-9-2

Red Chill Prawns/Rocket Apple and Walnut Salad/Flakey Pastry with Spinach Filling

This was my first time trying the MeatCo’s hanging skewers and the spice marinated flame grilled chicken was succulent and very tasty, another dish I would order again and perfect for sharing. And of course, tasters of very delicious and juicy cuts of Australian steak. The MeatCo prides itself on its quality cuts of meat. Have never been keen on ribs but I did find their BBQ ribs very tasty and the meat falls easily from the bone.

The MeatCo Bahrain-10

Scallops with Truffled Risotto/Australian Gold Fillet and Themba giving it all a thumbs up

During our meal one of the other diners across from our table was obviously celebrating his birthday and the friendly MeatCo staff were not going to let the occasion pass without an ehthuastic burst of song and beating of drums… leaving a smile on everyone’s face, especially the birthday boy. I was offered desserts, but truly, I was full and very satisfied and it would have been gluttony to have accepted, even the Nutella Cheesecake. There’s always another day to go back…

Disclaimer: Invited as a guest to dine at the MeatCo Bahrain. All views and photographs are my own.

The MeatCo Bahrain-14We have a family member that is already a great MeatCo fan and with our son visiting for a couple of days the decision was unanimous… we headed to the MeatCo for lunch. Again, tasty food and good service and all satisfied. This time around tried the marinated flame grilled lamb and it was also very tender and tasty. As you can see the creamy Nutella Cheesecake went down a treat, even though I am not overly keen on Nutella… but I did get a little help. Not heavy or too sweet either.

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The MeatCo Bahrain is located in Adliya and for further information or reservations call +973 17742080.

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