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In My Kitchen November 2014

In My Kitchen November-Culinary Plumes

Do you remember as kids how you loved getting fancy pen sets. Recently these cool and elegant culinary plumes (there is also a larger one) were given as a gift by a thoughtful friend. My hand writing skills are somewhat rusty these days and a bit of practice is needed. Doodling in my kitchen this October with zig zags and dots of cream and pomegranate sauce.


In my kitchen are green kiwifruit and each time I slice into one, admire how pretty this fruit looks from the inside. So good for you and contains lots of vitamin C. Earlier this year I was introduced to golden kiwifruit and a spife.

Wooden Butter Mould

Picked up this fancy wooden butter mold at a french market last year and only recently gave it a try. This was the very first attempt 🙂 🙂 The mold needs a coating of vegetable oil and a short time in the freezer before removing the butter. Will try a flavored butter next time and my Lavender and Honeycomb Butter would look so pretty turned out from this mold.

Bundt Cake on a wire cooling rack

It was cake time in my kitchen and I had baked a banana bundt cake. Did plan on taking a photograph of the complete bundt cake and writing up a blog post…  but some in my family love to eat warm banana cake and couldn’t wait. The half eaten banana cake still cooling on my favorite wire cooking rack… pretty enough to serve baked items on too. In the end the whole idea for a banana cake post got scrapped eaten!

Lemon Slice Squeezer

After enquiring about this handy lemon slice squeezer at a fish restaurant, the lovely manager gave my friend and I one as a gift. Another handy (and useful) prop for my food photography. I noted the website on the box and with Christmas coming up next month, you might want ideas for food related stocking fillers.

Rice Cube

Making perfectly shaped squares of rice is easy using this rice cube and have used this kitchen gadget for making Rice Cubes with Coriander Chilli Dipping Sauce. I haven’t used the rice cube often but it still has a place in my kitchen.

This rounds up another In My Kitchen post for the month of November. Hop over to our hosts blog, Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, where you will find a long list of bloggers showcasing their kitchen treasures.

33 thoughts on “In My Kitchen November 2014

  1. Wow that writing tool is so cool. I was excited to see the butter mold, my friend recently brought me one from Norway. I am looking forward to using it.


  2. Hi Moya. You have some wonderful gadgets. I love that writing tool… and the butter mould … and the rice cube …I have never see any of them before.


    1. Thanks Glenda, the culinary plumes I had not seen before until my lovely friend gave them to me. When friends and family know you love all things kitchen you end up with some cool kitchen gadgets. 🙂


  3. The banana cake looks yum, and the rice cubes maker is interesting. My daughter has become fan of rice balls recently after watching Doremon in Television. Should buy one like this.


      1. 🙂

        In India all kids and parents know who Doremon is, though parents would be praying when my kid will allow me to change the channel.!!


  4. I want your butter mould and your rice cube gadget, how cool. In my teenage days, an uncle of my gave me a writing kalam similar to yours, it took me a while to get used too. I have to admit, writing these days has been reduced to e mails, shame as nothing beats a hand written letter, especially one written with such a beautiful gift.


    1. I can’t remember the last time I wrote a hand written letter, no wonder my hand writing is rusty. Agree, hand written letters are more personal. Thanks for stopping by Shaheen 🙂


    1. Good day to you Joanne, you can buy some very fancy butter moulds on eBay and I am sure Amazon have them too. They are lovely. 🙂


  5. Love all your kitchen gadgets! You are so cool Moya. Square shaped rice sounds fascinating.
    Love the concept of showing if kitchen treasures. Enjoying this series


    1. The culinary plumes look very elegant but I do need a little practice. That is what I love about the IMK posts, you never know what you might come across. Thank you for stopping by Nancy 🙂


  6. You have a lot of good gadgets in your kitchen – I love the lemon juicer! I have been in that situation where I’ve made something for my blog only to have it gobbled up before I’ve fired up the camera. The half you have left looks very good. I love kiwi fruits too xx


    1. Oh well, at least I managed to get a photo of the other half of the banana cake for this In My Kitchen post. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  7. Moya, you need to stop doing this too me – last month I went out in search of an egg tray, and now this month I need a lemon slice squeezer and a rice cuber! 🙂 Thanks for showing us how the decorating pens work – they’ve come up on sale here in Sydney, but I wasn’t sure how well they performed! 🙂 And my favourite thing of your post? That fabulous butter mould! xx


    1. The butter mould is really lovely Celia and so pleased that it actually works 🙂 Hopefully I have given you another excuse to visit a kitchen shop. Cheers to no more eggs rolling around our counter tops 🙂


  8. That butter mould is gorgeous, I have just started making my own butter, so I will be on the look out! Thanks for sharing! Liz x


  9. Loving your pen writing skills using pomegranate sauce, those calligraphy pens do a lovely job. Kiwi fruits are a favourite of mine too and you’re right, such an intricate designed fruit. Love the bundt mould you used for your banana cake – hope we get to see a recipe soon 😉 Thanks for sharing IMK, see you next month. Nice meeting you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Still getting used to the culinary pens Nichole. Do intend to do a banana cake post at some point, bundt cakes are so pretty and love the designs. See you next month 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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