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Oven Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil

Oven Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil

It’s easy to dry tomatoes at home. All you need are firm flavorsome tomatoes and an oven. I started drying tomatoes about seventeen years ago and have never looked back since. I rarely buy them and much prefer home dried tomatoes over some of the leathery, salty and acidic commercially dried ones. About two years ago I bought a dehydrator and many times I find myself using both. Please don’t be put off with the lengthily drying time, drying your own tomatoes is so worth the effort and you wont be disappointed with the delicious deep intense results. There are endless ways of using these moorish bites with recipes and worth drying at least 2 to 3 kilo- (more if you have an extra oven) at a time. Dried tomatoes are a wonderful store cupboard staple and Farmers Markets are great places to pick up some delicious fresh tomatoes. Oven dried tomatoes in olive oil makes a wonderful gift for foodies. Continue reading

Winter Warming Soups

Collection of Soups and Soda BreadAs the weather is getting cooler, winter warming soups are always very welcoming. Soups can easily be put together and perfect for serving as a lunch or dinner. You could also pour hot soup into a thermos flask and take to your work place ( your office is probably freezing cold anyway) and enjoy with a lovely thick slice of home-made bread. Also, a good idea is to double up the recipe and make a big pot and freeze portions of soup for future meals. This should cut down on stress of weeknight cooking. This collection of soups will hopefully give you some warming food for thought and I have added them to the  Menu Ideas on this blog. Continue reading

Barmbrack | Irish Tea Bread

Barmbrack | Irish Tea Bread

A recent visit to the beautiful tea plantations of Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka and buying some factory tea has inspired this post and had me in the kitchen baking a Barmbrack, a traditional Irish Tea Bread. Somewhere between cake and bread and not overly sweet, this homely moist loaf is packed with dried fruit plumped with tea. Sliced and slathered with the obligatory butter and enjoyed alongside a freshly brewed pot of loose tea … well what more can I say. Continue reading

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