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Winter Warming Soups

Collection of Soups and Soda BreadAs the weather is getting cooler, winter warming soups are always very welcoming. Soups can easily be put together and perfect for serving as a lunch or dinner. You could also pour hot soup into a thermos flask and take to your work place ( your office is probably freezing cold anyway) and enjoy with a lovely thick slice of home-made bread. Also, a good idea is to double up the recipe and make a big pot and freeze portions of soup for future meals. This should cut down on stress of weeknight cooking. This collection of soups will hopefully give you some warming food for thought and I have added them to the  Menu Ideas on this blog.

Vegetable Soup
You can make this soup in advance and re-heat or freeze in suitable containers for future meals.
Suitable for vegetarians when made with vegetable stock and suitable for taking to work in a thermos flask.

Vietnamese Style Noodle and Prawn Soup
Best made before serving.
Suitable for vegetarians and for those that are gluten intolerant as the noodles are made with rice flour.
Not suitable for freezing or for placing into a thermos flask.

Butternut Squash Soup with Miso and Togarashi Seasoning
You can make this soup in advance and re-heat or freeze in suitable container for future meals.
The addition of miso and and garnish of togarashi seasoning are optional and the soup could be flavored with orange zest and freshly chopped coriander, if liked.
Suitable for vegetarians when made with vegetable stock. You can also place the hot soup in a thermos flask and take to the office.

Can’t have soup without bread… home-made or a favorite bakery bread! I have previously posted a recipe for an Irish Soda Bread that incorporates dried fruit soaked in Earl grey tea. You can omit the dried fruit and tea to make a plain soda bread, but do increase the laban by about 4 tablespoons when making.
Vegetable StockStocks are the foundations of flavorsome soups and this vegetable stock recipe is quicker to cook than chicken stock, which I have yet to add to the blog. You can of course use plain water if you are on a low sodium diet or use good quality stock cubes. Stock is suitable to freeze so it’s worth making a big pot and freezing some.

9 thoughts on “Winter Warming Soups

  1. beautiful soups certainly needed on the green or should i say the snowy isle of ireland at the moment.


    1. Not so warm here at the moment but definitely not expecting and snow. Bet your lovely Aga is keeping you warm Antionette. 🙂


  2. Moya your photos are AMAZING! And so is your writing. I’ve been reading your posts since we last met and you’re such a pro at blogging! I have to try the veget able soup! Got any recipe for a clear veg soup that doesn’t need blending? xoxo


    1. Thank you Shabana for you kind words and yes I remember meeting you. Hope you have settled well into life in Bahrain. Will be posting a recipe soon for a soup that needs no blending. In the meantime you could make a few adjustments to the vegetable soup. Chop all the vegetables (include a medium sized potato) into small evenly sized cubes or pieces. Omit the apple. Reduce or increase the amount of water according to preference. Cook until vegetables are tender. No need to blend. Serve with a garnish of parsley. Hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  3. Hi Moya. As you would appreciate, there is bother further than my mind at the moment. I will have to keep them in mind for winter.


    1. Yes Glenda I can imagine the shed is a busy place right now, I have been wondering how the project is coming along 🙂


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