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Winter Warming Soups

Collection of Soups and Soda BreadAs the weather is getting cooler, winter warming soups are always very welcoming. Soups can easily be put together and perfect for serving as a lunch or dinner. You could also pour hot soup into a thermos flask and take to your work place ( your office is probably freezing cold anyway) and enjoy with a lovely thick slice of home-made bread. Also, a good idea is to double up the recipe and make a big pot and freeze portions of soup for future meals. This should cut down on stress of weeknight cooking. This collection of soups will hopefully give you some warming food for thought and I have added them to the  Menu Ideas on this blog. Continue reading “Winter Warming Soups”

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Homemade Vegetable Stock and an iPhone Food-photography Challenge

Ingredients for stockStocks are the foundation of many sauces, soups and other dishes and there are times when I prefer to use a homemade stock instead of stock cubes. Making vegetable stock is so easy and with only a bit of washing, peeling (or not) and chopping to do, a pot of vegetable stock will be simmering on your stove top in a matter of minutes. Of course, I wouldn’t be without my handy stash of stock cubes either, which sit next to the stove in a little box.

With homemade stock, you control the flavor, seasoning and intensity and it’s a good idea to double the recipe and store some stock in the freeze for another time. I mostly freeze chicken and turkey stock as they take longer to make. Continue reading “Homemade Vegetable Stock and an iPhone Food-photography Challenge”