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Three Summer Quenchers

Lavender Lemonade-0165When it’s so hot and so very humid… just like our weather, summer quenchers are always very welcoming. Of course, water is always the healthier option but sometimes you want to sip on something a little sweeter. Pulled from the archives of recipes on this blog, three cool drinks to help beat the summer heat and keep your thirst at bay.

Lavender Lemonade

Love the natural pinkish color of lavender lemonade and one of my favorite lemonades to make. Make sure you use only food grade dried lavender which you can find in specialist tea shops.

Peach Kompot-7121

Peach Compote

A fruit compote made for drinking, this was a refreshing thirst quencher I had tried when visiting Romania last year, which inspired the recipe Peach Compote. Easy to make but you need to soak the lightly simmered peaches in the sugar syrup overnight for maximum flavor. There’s plenty of room for experimenting with other fruit too.
Iced Green Tea_ Fresh Apple Juice_Mint-5394

Iced Green Tea with Fresh Apple Juice and Mint

This Iced green tea has no added sugar, the sweetness comes from the juice of cold pressed green apples. Infuse with a few sprigs of fresh mint and you have a light refreshing tea to sip throughout the day.

These summer quenchers would be perfect to serve at your next BBQ, afternoon tea or when dining outdoors… you could even spoil your guests and make all three.

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