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Iced Green Tea with Fresh Apple Juice and Mint

Iced Green Tea_ Fresh Apple Juice_Mint-5373Often I’m told to drink more water… I do try, but fail miserably. In my quest to sneakily add more water to my diet, recently was inspired to make this Iced Green Tea with fresh Apple Juice from a Donna Hay magazine (Fresh and Light) I picked up on my travels. Although I am not a great fan of iced teas, especially those laced with sugar, this iced tea is very light and refreshing. Perfect for sipping throughout the day and with our rising temperatures, a welcoming cooling drink. Of course you can find tea mixes and tea bags in all sorts of flavors but it’s always more rewarding creating a recipe from scratch. The original recipe recommends juice from a cold press juicer and only last year invested in one and haven’t looked back since. You can use green tea bags if you have them, I am using my stash of Jade Dragon Green Tea (Teavana), which I also love to drink on its own. I prefer using small glasses when serving this iced tea.

Iced Green Tea_ Fresh Apple Juice_Mint-5394I also wanted to mention, if you follow or are familiar with my blog Food and Tools you may have noticed a few food invites to restaurants and cafes I posted about. As a food blogger some food related invites come my way and although it’s not obligatory I attend these events or ever have to put them on my blog, it adds another food related dimension. So you may see an extra blog post mentioning such an event in your inbox every now and then. Recipes and In My Kitchen posts will continue as normal.

In the meantime I hope you try this very refreshing Iced Green Tea with Fresh Apple Juice and Mint. Remember to add a little lemon juice to prevent your tea from going brown. Using ice cubes will dilute the flavor, so best to have the iced tea thoroughly chilled before serving.

Iced Green Tea_ Fresh Apple Juice_Mint-5394

Iced Green Tea with Fresh Apple Juice and Mint

3 teaspoons loose green tea leaves
500ml boiling water
4 granny smith apples (best to keep apples chilled before juicing)
2 teaspoon of lemon juice
4 sprigs of fresh mint (optional)

How to make:
Using a teapot with a strainer, pour the boiling water over the green tea leaves. Leave to infuse for about 2 to 3 minutes. Pour tea into a heat-proof jug and when cool refrigerate until chilled. Once the green tea has chilled, peel and juice the apples. Pour the apple juice and lemon juice into the green tea. If using, lightly bruise the fresh mint sprigs and add to the green tea and apple juice. Sir ingredients together. Leave the iced tea in the fridge to chill completely and infuse with the fresh mint leaves. Serves 6 to 8

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