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In My Kitchen September 2015

Tea InfuserHoping September will bring much-needed cooler temperatures to our Island, last month was the hottest on record and those of us that didn’t leave for the summer felt the scorching heat and very humid weather. In my kitchen, thank God for air-conditioning that keeps everything nice and cool.

Brightening up my cups of herbal teas are these cute floating tea infusers, handy when you only want to brew a cup using your favorite loose tea leaves.

Rosette Iron Cookie MoldAfter a botched delivery, it’s finally in my kitchen… a rosette iron cookie mold. I first came across rosette cookies at a cookbook singing by one of our local cookbook authors, Afnan Al Zayani. Afnan had made some for us to sample, the rosette shapes looked so pretty and the feather light cookies were crispy and very morrish. Love when I find new kitchen tools.
Sea SaltOne ingredient I am never without in my kitchen is salt, and lots of it. I couldn’t imagine cooking without it. This tin of fleur de sel was a gift from a friend who also knows I like keeping pretty tins.. thank you Dee. Hubby also likes to pick up tubs of sea salt when he finds them too.

Pear and Amaretto Loaf CakeFriends that bring delicious home-baked goods when popping over for a coffee are always welcome. Caroline baked this lovely pear and amaretto loaf cake and she also thought it might be a recipe I could share with you all. Caroline was right, it is a lovely cake that was enjoyed to the last crumb, will gladly share.

Dried LavenderIf only you could smell the perfume of summer coming from this jar of dried organic lavender… all the way from a french garden. I will enjoy using lavender in my shortbread recipe, making more lavender lemonade and some lavender sugar. Thank you Sue for sharing a piece of your garden:) Lavender also reminds me of the lovely town of Alacati we stayed in a few years back and inspired me to make a honeycomb lavender butter recipe.

Sarah on her travels brought me back a variety of chalkboard labels, I have already stuck one on the jar filled with Sues lavender. I think my writing with chalk needs a bit of practice… just as well you can wipe with a damp cloth an rewrite. Isn’t it lovely when friends think of you on their travels and others bake you something delicious 🙂 🙂

Red Cabbage_Apple_Lime JuiceTrying out another colorful juice combination in my kitchen, red cabbage, peeled granny smith apple and a squeeze of lime. Quite spicy with a strong flavor, maybe not for the faint hatred but a 100ml serving thoroughly chilled was perfect.

Scones_Jam_Clotted CreamWho can resist warm scones from the oven teamed up with some lovely preserves and home-made clotted cream. Making clotted cream was something I had wanted to try and I was really happy with the results. As it takes many hours in the oven on a low setting, I also found out that my electric oven automatically shuts off after twelve hours.

Coffee and ChocolatesSometimes I will choose chocolates and coffee over having a dessert after dinner. And, why not treat yourself now and then. Picked up these lovely assortment of chocolates from our local chocolatier, Maya. Salted caramel and pistachio are some of my favorite flavors.

Once again teaming up with Celia, the lovely host of the “In My Kitchen” series at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and other bloggers from around the globe, showcasing their kitchen treasures. If you are not already in, maybe you might like to join too 🙂

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23 thoughts on “In My Kitchen September 2015

  1. Wow that juice look luminous such a beautiful colour. I am looking forward to that pear and amaretto loaf recipe it looks so good!


  2. So many wonderful things in your kitchen Moya. I love your cookie cutter and your pear and amaretto loaf cake sounds heavenly!
    Have a wonderful week ahead.
    🙂 Mandy xo


  3. Hi Moya, I have one of those moulds. I bought it in Portugal. I was told it was a filhos mould. Filhos is a Portuguese deep fried sweet. I have never used it and don’t expect I will. My waist line does not tolerate deep fried sweets. I would love to see what you use yours for ’cause I might copy you.


  4. that purple juice looks like it is bursting with goodness. love the little tin of fleur de sel. and what about those cookie moulds? so cute. i love lavender, and love to put it in a sorbet in summer. how very nice of your friend to bring a cake AND give you the recipe. i have never understood why people keep recipes a secret. so much better to share!


  5. I loved all I was reading and then I saw that red cabbage juice. What a blow out, how stunning is that colour? Those little spoons are real treasures too, such detail. Thanks 🙂


  6. I’ve always wanted to try out clotted cream…perhaps I will someday! That beet juice looks like a powerhouse full of vitamins! Yes! Even if it has a strong flavor 🙂 You must have gotten the heat that never really arrived the Nordic countries this summer…felt like we hardly had a day to wear shorts…well maybe about three. 😛


  7. Laila, clotted cream is time consuming but worth it for special occasions and I am sure it would taste every better if I could get my hands of fresh dairy cream. Wish I could bottle up some heat and send it your way 🙂


  8. I’m jealous you can enjoy chocolates & coffee for dessert – any caffeine after 4pm & I’m up all night! But I still enjoy my chocolates 😉 Looking forward to trying your friends pear and amaretto loaf cake Moya – I’m yet to come across a light & delicious afternoon tea cake. Hope you’re staying cool x


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