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In My Kitchen January 2016 and A Happy New Year

In My Kitchen 2016-1007Wishing you all health and happiness for the new year ahead and hope it’s already off to a good start. To all my wonderful subscribers, readers and the In My Kitchen blogging community, thank you for being part of my blogging world,  you have made it much sweeter with your visits and comments which I greatly appreciate. Looking forward to you joining me once more.

Sometimes old is golden and love having this old can opener hanging around. Although it does leave very sharp ragged edges, it does the trick. I am also hoping this year opens a can of roses for all.

In My Kitchen 2016-0950In my kitchen…

Are these neat granite stones ( or whiskey stones), I keep them in the small bag provided and store in the freezer until needed. Handy for chilling a little tipple without diluting if using ice.

In My Kitchen 2016-31In My Kitchen…

This was my first attempt at using an embossed stone mould for baking shortbread, a Christmas gift from my lovely friend Sarah. Used this shortbread recipe and although the shortbread came out from the mould no problem, the imprint of the design was not clear. Probably need to push the shortbread dough more firmly into the design next time? Anyone used this stone mould before and has tips to share?

Sarah also gave me these cute mason and cash measuring jugs and bowl, love the color too. If you cook and bake lots you can never have enough measuring equipment.

In My Kitchen 2016-12In My Kitchen…

Made some large ice-cubes using this red silicone mould, added some fresh cranberries, fresh mint leaves and a small slice of lemon. These large cubes melted slower and looked really festive in my water jug for the table.

A gorgeous new cookbook with hearty and homely recipes. The Great British Farmhouse Cookbook is a gift from my sister Antionette, she also loves to cook and buy cookbooks. I have already tried some of the recipes when visiting her home. The beef cobbler and the chicken in cider with apples were very tasty and delicious comfort food for the cooler weather.

You can never have enough tea towels (also from Sarah) in a kitchen and it’s always lovely to have some pretty ones, like this one printed with robin-redbreast. They are such cute little birds… Wont be using this one to dry my pots and pans.

Love these flavorsome gifts of balsamic vinegar (truffle,fig, strawberry and lemon) to mist over salad leaves and grilled vegetable. Once the containers are empty I can re-fill them. Great foodie gift Karen.

In My Kitchen 2016-0974In my kitchen….

My son gave me this pretty pinky red bamboo bowl, I hope to fill this with a delicious noodle salad and using these handy wooden chop stick servers, should make serving easier.
In My Kitchen 2016-0937In My Kitchen…

We had a very decorative and colorful gingerbread house this Christmas, a gift from the lovely people from The Cake Boutique Bahrain who were spreading some festive cheer. Before demolishing the house there was a debate about where to start… so my daughter yanked off the door and I started with the jellies.

Maureen from the blog The Orgasmic Chef is now the future host of the monthly In My Kitchen posts, so hop over to her blog and see all the other participating bloggers on her sidebar. All who love to showcase their kitchen treasure.

21 thoughts on “In My Kitchen January 2016 and A Happy New Year

  1. Hi Moya. Did you put your shortbread in the fridge to chill the dough before you baked it? That usually helps to hold the impression.


    1. Yes I did Glenda for 30 minutes, possible I need to press the dough more firmly into the impressions. Will try again and see what happens! 🙂


  2. So many beautiful things Moya but I am sending out big waves of envy for those little Mason and Cole jugs and bowls.. A can of roses, what a lovely thought, better than a can or worms, although a few more in the garden would be rather nice. ( worms… and roses too…) and then a glass of fine whisky in an old fashioned glass. Lovely post.


  3. I have used that shortbread stone and I brush mine well with Wilton Cake Release and so far, fingers crossed, they’ve come out just fine. I hope everything comes up roses for you in 2016 and thanks so much for staying with In My Kitchen!


    1. Hi Maureen, thanks for the tip, hopefully the impression of the design will turn out better next time. Love begin part of the In My Kitchen community and best of luck hosting it 🙂


  4. Happy new year Moya although it’s getting well into January now. Love all your Christmas presents..particularly the robin red breast tea towel so reminds me of home. Diet time now and off the booze for a while..try at


    1. Happy new year Caroline and hope it has gotten off to a good start. Hope you have more willpower when it comes to food than I have 🙂


  5. Moya, that was a lovely wish for 2016 — lovely photo, too, xo. Your vintage can opener has not only been well used, it’s been well taken care of — it’s rare to find ‘old’ implements without chipped or peeling paint on the handles! I’ve always wondered how well those on the rocks ROCKS work and apparently they do. Will have to consider getting some. Your fruity ice cubes for water were so pretty, too. The thing that especially caught my eye was your balsamic “mister” set — what a great idea — bonus points for being re-fillable!


  6. Happy New Year Moya, I love anything with birds and your tea towels are lovely. Your measuring cups are perfect for adding a tea cup of this or a demitasse of that. And how thoughtful of your son to give you something so useful and with a gorgeous color.


  7. Happy 2016 to you & your family Moya. #IMK is such a lovely place for making friends who all love food 🙂 I just love your measuring cups & jug, they’re just perfect – and you’re right, you can never have enough measuring utensils, you should see my drawers! I also love your pink bamboo bowl. xx


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