In My Kitchen March 2016

Desert Truffles_Scrambled EggsIn my kitchen, desert truffles, scrambled eggs and Arabic bread for breakfast. Hubby brought these desert truffles known as “fagga” (classical Arabic name Kamaa) from a local market in Kuwait. A book on truffles by Sergio Rossi under the heading “they don’t belong to us” describes the desert truffle as having a weak odour with no taste. They do taste very different to the european truffle but in my opinion, desert truffles have an odour and taste when cooked. Sliced and sautéed with a little butter we enjoyed the mushroom like flavor over some creamy scrambled eggs and most likely this is the only way I would cook them.

Desert truffles are seasonal and depending on where you live in the middle east, not always easy to get hold off. These truffles deteriorate very quickly and ended up cleaning (lots of sand attached) the rest and freezing them as suggested by a friend. Found this interesting article on the mystery of desert truffles with a Cream of Desert Truffle soup recipe at the end. You can also make this soup with camel milk.

Date Slices_Cookies_Dried TomatoesIn my kitchen…

Dates squares made with our dwindling supply of dates from last season. Usually pop these in the freezer as they only take minutes to defrost.

We had some rather large Ben’s chocolate chip cookies brought into the household by our cookie monster… glad to say I wasn’t the one who scoffed them all.

Dried lots of tomatoes as my stock was running low. Used the dehydrator instead of the oven as I felt more comfortable leaving the dehydrator on overnight. Home dried tomatoes are so tasty and keep well when stored in the refrigerator.

Baking Cases_Gift Bags_Bowl_TeaIn my kitchen…

My lovely sister sent out these gorgeous brown paper gift bags, sturdy cupcake cases and fun flags to pretty up my baked goodies.

No shortage of tea in my kitchen and love this gorgeous selection from Whittard, its like owning a small tea shop. Handy containers too and plan on removing the labels and reusing the tins.

Two gorgeous Moroccan bowls from a thoughtful friend, love the colors and the decorative rim.

Once again, joining other bloggers from around the globe with the In My Kitchen monthly theme hosted by Maureen from OrgasmicChef. What treasures and goodies do you have in your kitchen?

13 thoughts on “In My Kitchen March 2016

  1. I love your Moroccan bowls! I agree that home dried tomatoes are so much better than what’s available in my local supermarket and it’s so easy to do. Desert truffles sound very interesting.


  2. And this is why I love reading blogs! I’ve never heard of dessert truffles before! Love that top photo with the beautiful copper pan!


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